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2008 PS3 Game Award Winners |

Winners are tallied from user votes.

Best Narrative/Fiction

Winner: Grand Theft Auto 4

Close Second: Metal Gear Solid 4

GTA is known for it’s very unique writing style and sarcastic humor. Metal Gear Solid 4 is known for elaborate comic-book style stories, melodrama, and bizarre characters.

Biggest WOW Factor

Winner: LittleBigPlanet

Close Second: Metal Gear Solid 4

Most Innovative

Winner, By a Landslide: LittleBigPlanet

LittleBigPlanet really delivered on two big innovations. The first, is that it’s an extremely fun and accessible platformer that plays unlike Mario, Sonic, Jak, Ratchet, or any of the others that came before. The core concept is everything is made from toy box like parts built on top of a very natural physics system. The second, is that it is the first game to make user created content a reality in this generation of gaming.

Best Multiplayer

Winner: Resistance 2

Close Second: LittleBigPlanet

Resistance 2 has some highly polished competitive multiplayer and some extremely original and addicting co-op.

Most Overrated/Overhyped

Winner (tie): Grand Theft Auto 4

Winner (tie): Fallout 3

Most Underrated/Underhyped

Winner: Valkyria Chronicles

Best Surprise of the Year

Winner: Everything.

Valkyria Chronicles won with two votes, but there were lots of other votes, and they were all for completely unique events. That speaks well for the diversity of surprises in 2008.

Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Winner, by a landslide: PlayStation Home

I’m sorry to see it, but (aside from sales figures) Home was the clear disappointment of 2008. Technically, it’s not terribly impressive or well done, and as a designed product, it lacks much of a real purpose. That being said, it’s still early. EA’s Home space actually looks great, and the fundamental concept of Home still has promise that may just need further realization.

Best Party Game

Winner (tie): Buzz

Winner (tie): LittleBigPlanet

Buzz is an awesome party quiz game if you haven’t taken a look. And LittleBigPlanet works fantastically with local co-op.

Best Downloadable Game

Winner (tie): Burnout

Winner (tie): Wipeout HD

Burnout is a large racing game with tons of polish, game modes, and variety. It’s also been extremely well supported by free content updates after launch and is fully downloadable. Wipeout is an excellent futuristic racer with a full feature set for a budget price.

Game of the Year

Winner (tie): LittleBigPlanet

Winner (tie): Metal Gear Solid 4

Both amazing games this year.

What’s great about 2008, is that there are so many qualified contenders that cater to so many different tastes. 2009 is looking to be just as good!

  • Mike

    Good list, although there were games that got a lot more unjustified attention than GTA IV or Fallout 3. I think overrated/overhyped need to be two different things. You can’t really “overhype” a sequel to a game as big as San Andreas, but it could make sense that it was overrated if it didn’t meet your personal expectations.

  • Darrin

    Yes, overrated and overhyped mean different things. We’ll probably split the two into different categories next year.

    Personally, I loved both GTA4 and Fallout 3. However, I can see how people thought that they were overrated.

    For example, many of the GTA missions did bog down a bit. And I had much more fun with GTA 3 and Vice City, but that was mainly because the core concept was just so new and fresh at that time. I still had a ton of fun with GTA 4, and the dialog, characters, and the fictional NYC world was so entertaining, that it’s easily my second fav of 2008 behind LBP.

    I’m super excited to see what the Rockstar North guys do next. I love their creative style and their games are so technically polished… Almost anything they do will be great.

  • James

    Agreed with GTA being overrated. Although it was good, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as San Andreas. There was just so much more to do in San Andreas. Bicycles, more clothing, haircuts, beards, going to the gym, casino, 3 cities not just one, countryside, more side missions, more collectibles, more weapons and jumbo jets. I think the blame lies firmly with it being developed as a cross platformer with the xbox. Rockstar simply had to take stuff out to fit it onto a DVD. If you use something like SAK to analyse the size of the blu-ray it comes in at just under 10GB. That’s a whole 41GB of unused Blu-ray space. **** you Microsoft for making GTA crap.

  • This just goes to show how different my gaming tastes are than the majority here. 🙂