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PS3Blog Gamers Night #2 – TONIGHT |

I started to garner some feedback about a games night tonight, but it looks like we don’t have a lot of readers interested in getting together. We should have enough for a North American game night, but not a European one. This is what we have:

North America (10pm EST):

Warhawk: Blackstaffer, Trieloth, Tosh (?), Sinlock, Ostrowalker, Warpdrive (?)
CoD5: Eric, Bryan

Europe (9pm GMT):

Warkawk: Børten (?), Emrah(?), paxpacis, Glitch (?)

North America: YES. Europe: NO. I haven’t had anybody volunteer to put the European game together anyway.

See y’all tonight! It’s not too late to join up, either, especially for the North American game which seems to be a GO!

  • Sinlock

    Anyone know if non-Club members can get one time invites into the club? Or is it only the 32 members can enter. For us non-members can you give an update on how the Warhawk invite will be handled.

  • Sorry again that I can’t make it…

    I have THE most annoying problem there is… not enough power sockets^^ I can’t have my PS3 and my PC connected at the same time at the moment (and I need my PC for going online ATM), which sucks pretty much 😛

    Have fun anyways!

  • The club is 32 members max.
    Wish the limit was 64 though, and have the clubhouse larger.

  • James

    i think they should at least allow you to buy more club slots (better if it were free)

  • Whoever is not in the club but is a PSN friend of one of the people playing the game should be able to see that person from within Warhawk. In the Community section (I think, it’s been a while.) Then you should be able to join whatever game the friend is playing.

  • M

    Should do a R2 gaming night — would be sweet.

  • Sinlock

    Bad news. The Warhawk servers seem to have been down all day. I’ve been trying to get into a game on and off all day, but the server list has been empty acept for a few player hosted ones. I was able to host a game, but could not tell if it was listed. So we’ll see what happens.