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Blu-ray sales quadrupled in 2008 |

Blu-ray sales quadrupled in 2008, and are outpacing DVD and CD adoption rates. Who said Blu-ray’s doing poorly?

  • Mike

    Blu-Ray is doing fine. It’s already making headway into Walmart which I thought would take longer than this. The issue for Sony is the difference in price between PS3 and decent stand alone Blu-Ray players. The people who are primarily into movies are probably opting for the stand alone players at this point. If Pachter is right about a potential price drop, maybe things will swing back in the other direction.

  • JimmyStewart

    If only facts actually factored into the Blu-Ray hate. That was definitely my biggest pet peeve of last year. Constantly hearing how Blu-Ray was dead and consumers only wanted a future of flash media and/or digital distribution. I’m sure facts like this will only cause these folks to go even deeper into denial. I just read online that DVD sales are down over last year… Blu-Ray sales are up. It doesn’t sound like Blu-Ray is the format that’s going away.

    And I agree with Mike. I’ve been telling friends and family to wait for that price drop. Ever since Aaron Greenberg mentioned it (hard to put faith in an MS employee talking about Sony) and the Pachter mentions it just recently. So far I’ve delayed a purchase for two people who were opting for the $250 players at Best Buy. Hopefully a price drop on the PS3 comes along before a price drop on a better Blu-Ray player does.