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Killzone 2 Advertising |

Will Sony do some massive advertising with Killzone 2? A superbowl ad would be perfect, but I doubt they would do that. But they need to heavily market this game! I was talking to a couple PS3 friends at work and they have never heard of Killzone 2. Not everyone stays up to date with the latest PS3 news like we do.

The hype for the game is not enough to sell tons of copies, it needs advertising! I’m hoping the Killzone 2 ads will start in early February at least.

They aren’t even doing a special edition of Killzone 2, which is a shame. This was a official comment on the PlayStation Blog. Doesn’t Sony handle the collector’s or limited edition stuff?

There is no collector’s edition slated for Killzone 2. Guerrilla Games has put all of their effort into creating this masterpiece of a game, so we didn’t actively pursue a CE.

Here is more Killzone 2 gifs to enjoy 🙂

  • James

    this game is going to own anyway. I loved the first one (don’t now why so many people disliked it, the only problem I had with it was the sniper’s scope). In fact, I liked it better than Halo…

  • The ballet ad would be great on TV. They need that Gears of War “Mad World” type of ad. The game looks great. Hopefully they can launch it without a hitch. The type of problems that SOCOM and LBP had during launch just hurt Sony’s chance of making a dent in the market.
    Did I say the game looks great. Fantastic really.

  • Trieloth are a waste of money, but then again people are weak and simple minded so they need direction. Game Informer helped advertize. They say its coming out on the PS3, PC, and 360 at the same time :/

  • At the very least advertising makes people aware of the game.

  • Henning

    Tosh: that’s exactly what I was thinking. Advertising milk is to try to make you buy something you’re already aware of. Advertising Killzone 2 is to make you aware of it in the first place. If you’re aware, you’ll buy. The game looks to be THAT good.

    mcloki: that’s exactly what I was thinking (as well 🙂 ). The LBP launch was totally messed up. Sony doesn’t need that, and we deserve better after plunking down our $60.

  • Maybe if it wasn’t named as the second iteration of the game, it would have better consumer perception in such advertizements? e.g. Killzone: Invasion. People may go, “well I even don’t know the first one”. Killzone isn’t exactly an established brand. They’ll look up killzone in google, to find out that they can’t play it in their non-backwards compatible [existing/future] PS3.

  • The gifs make me dizzy :p

    btw emrah, I can play kz1 if I’d wanted to… I have ps2 backwards compatibility and I’ll tell you how much I’ve used it…


    0 times

    I might use it if my ps3 could actually read my memory cards out of the box, I’m just to lazy and not willing to shovel over some more money for that functionality.

  • I made this game aware for the first time to a friend at work that has a PS3 and his exact words are:

    Yikes! Those graphics are brilliant.