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I Don’t Want to Play |

Okay folks, time for something a little different. Usually we talk about the upcoming games we want to play. Personally, if it’s a game I don’t care about, I don’t post about it either. That seems to be what the other authors here do too, but I’m not totally sure.

But right now I’m going to mention some upcoming high profile PS3 titles that lots of people are talking about that I personally don’t want to play. Please join in with your list of highly anticipated titles that aren’t highly anticipated by you.

Here’s my list:

Heavy Rain

I just don’t see what’s so great about this game. A girl crying with a gun? Heavy emotions? Facial expressions? What the heck? Am I an emotional quiver basket that I would respond at any level to this? I just don’t understand the appeal.

Resident Evil 5

Frankly I’ve never understood horror in any genre. Why would you willingly want to surround yourself with ugly? It’s like inviting the mumps into your body for a day. Why do it?

God of War III, Uncharted 2

These you can put in the it doesn’t have co-op or multiplayer of any sort bin. I don’t care much for the single player experience, so these games have no draw for me. Now if they added a co-op mode, I’d be on them like cold on Ottawa (high of -22 degrees Celsius today).

  • Heavy Rain actually looks interesting, but it’s more a rental title for me.

    The new Street Fighter coming soon .. meh. I lost interest in that game in the Street Fighter 2 turbo, alpha, super, amazing days.

  • Stefan

    As Tosh said, Heavy Rain looks interesting, but Id go further than that.
    There are several points to it, the main one being to tell a good story which you can have an influence on. Films and books are both linear experiences which you dont get to shape, but in video games you have a supposedly active role, yet so many games stick you on a purely linear path facing the same challenge over and over with no real variation other than enemy placement.

    Heavy Rain lets you approach a given situation in a multitude of ways, that its also got some of the best graphics this side of KZ2 and is pioneering the way in terms of motion capture and facial expression just helps you to immerse yourself in the gaming world (though it would be quite ironic if it ended up firmly in the Uncanny Valley because of this).

    As to RE5 and God of War 3, I too am more “might get it if im bored” than over excited. But, unlike you, I prefer a good SP to MP, and really enjoyed Uncharted last time round, so Uncharted 2 is a must.

    Of course, if youre a MP junkie, then nothing Im going to say is going to convince you. But, with Heavy Rain, I hope you can maybe appreciate what it means for gaming as a whole should it manage to pull off its rather lofty aims.

  • Darrin

    You’re a huge split-screen fan and you are passing on RE5? Ouch!

    Heavy Rain is aiming to deliver a new generation of interactive fiction adventure games. I’m expecting a hyper ambitious yet seriously flawed game that is more entertaining from a design perspective rather than as a finished product.

  • Darrin

    I’m not interested in 95% of the PS3 games coming out, just like I’m not interested in 99% of the new books or movies coming out.

    But I can think of one game that I was really excited about, but lost interest in when I saw the previews: Nobi Nobi Boy. I was really excited to see what the Katamari Damacy creator would make next, but this game looks too similar to Katamari and doesn’t look like any fun.

  • It’s interesting to hear people defend games that I don’t want to play, but I want to hear your thoughts about big name titles that don’t interest you.

  • JimmyStewart

    For what it’s worth they were toying with the idea of adding co-op to God of War 3. I haven’t heard much about it since, so maybe they dropped it. But I haven’t heard much about the game period… so who knows.

    Usually I’m a co-op only gamer. But God of War 3 has been on par to be my game of the decade. It’s the most excited I’ve been for a game in advance of it’s release that I can ever recall. When it came down for me to buy a Blu-Ray player… I opted for the PS3 strictly with the hope that I’d get God of War 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

    As far as games I don’t want to play, I’m not really sure. I tend to focus on what excites me and leave the rest behind. I can think of same games from last year I don’t want to play (LBP and Dead Space jump to mind). To be honest I don’t really know what’s coming up this year. I’m not terribly excited to play Halo OSDT but I’ll end up buying it anyway. One game I’m definitely skipping is KillZone 2, no co-op means no deal for me. I didn’t enjoy the first one at all so I have zero incentive to play a new one. Plus God of War 3 will eat up what little single player time I have. 2009 seems like a weak year for games so far. But at least I’ll be buying one title on the PS3 this year… that one more than I bought last year.

  • Henning: In regards to The crying girl with a gun in you mentioned in Heavy Rain, she was “just” a tech demo, and as far as I know has nothing to do with the game.

    Ontopic: I’ll probably not be playing any sports games as they are not “my thing”, and I probably won’t be playing any arcade games either, as I am all about story immersed games. 🙂

  • Well Enix just announced that FFXIII won’t make it out of Japan this fiscal year so there’s absolutely no game that’s been announced that jumps out as a must buy for me this year.

    Maybe Uncharted 2 and Tekken 6 , but they’re a long ways off.

  • Ian

    Respect lost, sir…

  • Solid_Nat

    Ok Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII, agree with you Henning on the Res 5 thing, the first was the best leave it there for me. I didn’t play GTA IV last year and my life is still complete so i don’t think anything will happen if i don’t play these titles.

    Anyway i still have a stack load of 08 games i haven’t had chance to play and finish yet so plenty to keep me going before i get swept up in the hype of these years AAA releases.