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Some Sales Figures |

I was curious about how much money people are making off the PS3 versus the 360, given the results not too long ago from Take Two. So I took a look at a couple publishers, and found some interesting data:

EA (Q1+Q2 Sales Ending 30sep08 – source):

PS3: $237 million
360: $305 million

Percentage PS3 sales of 360 sales: 78%

Ubisoft (year to 31mar08 – source)

PS3: 20% of all sales
360: 26% of all sales

Percentage PS3 sales of 360 sales: 77% (or 74% – 80%, depending on rounding of percentages)

Activision/Blizzard (nine months to 30sep08 – source)

PS3: 6% of all sales
360: 7% of all sales

Percentage PS3 sales of 360 sales: 86% (or 73% to 99.8%)

Take Two (source)

PS3: 35% of all sales
360: 28% of all sales

Percentage PS3 sales of 360 sales: 125% (or 121% to 129%)

  • Darrin

    I’m guessing those favorable PS3 results from Take Two are due to Bioshock’s recent PS3 release as opposed to the release on 360 in 2007. Doesn’t invalidate the results, but’s it’s definitely worth noting.

  • Rjcc

    I think it’s hard to get accurate numbers here, they’re not listed in your post, but in EA’s last filing there were numbers showing ps3 had accounted for more sales than the 360. I’ve read that that was due to an accounting thing moving most 360 sales to next year because of the advertising deals and/or online integration, so it’s hard to say what these numbers really mean.

  • I don’t have numbers for most of the companies – I have percentages. And the sources are linked to in the article. So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • James

    You also have to take into account that the 360 has been out for a full year before the PS3 was launched. That’s an extra 10 million or so Xboxes out there. So therefore you can’t really compare these numbers in a PS3 vs 360 way unless you do it on a per console basis.

  • James: that was kinda my point. Publishers are making more money from the PS3 than the 360, on a per-console basis. There are what, 20 million PS3’s and 28 million 360’s? That’s 71%, These publishers are all making more than that on their PS3 software.

  • I am attributing it to probably higher MS royalties, I don’t have other explanations, as xbox360 software is sold much more, with higher attachment rates..

  • Henning

    Or rampant piracy?

  • Piracy is definitely hurting, but I don’t think NPD is including piracy in their sales charts. Xbox is selling that many copies of software even with piracy in place. However, piracy indeed one of the driving factors of hardware sales. Cheap console, free games..

  • Henning

    I think you’re missing my point. I’m saying that piracy is the reason why the PS3 has 71% of the 360’s installed base, but 78% of the software sales. PS3 owners can’t pirate their games. 360 owners can. So a smaller percentage of 360 gamers buy their games than PS3 gamers.

  • I thought those were comparisons revenue numbers and not actual sale numbers. Except for a few multiplatform titles, every multiplatform title seems to sell many more on xbox360 according to vgchartz or if I remember correctly, NPD. So where do these numbers come from? Also, xbox360 has a higher attach rate. So what I thought was that these numbers were revenue comparisons.

  • Henning

    Does it matter if you’re comparing unit sales versus revenue? They’re directly related. So to answer my own question, no, it doesn’t matter.

    If you want the sources, you can find them by looking where I typed the word “source” several times.

  • Yes, it should matter. I looked at the sources and it indeed seems to talk about revenue. If every game sold leaves the publisher, say, 20 usd on ps3 and 10usd on xbox360 due to royalties (making up the numbers), xbox360 would need to sell double to create the same revenue. When you talk about piracy as the reason of this close gap, however, you are underestimating actual software sold on xbox360, which is selling with higher attach rate, meaning more games are bought legally per xbox360, which kind of destroys the piracy theory.

  • Henning

    Yes but you’re exagerrating the royalty numbers for effect. There’s no way that the royalties are as different as you say. And besides, Sony is rumoured to have higher royalties this generation, unlike the last generation.

  • In any case, PS3 seems to be making them enough money to keep on producing games for the platform, unlike that MS executive or whatever said.