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Third Parties To Drop Support For PS3… According to Microsoft |

At CES 2009, Microsoft Xbox Exec Aaron Greenberg says:

Historically, third parties would give us great support and lead developed on our platform, but they would say “In Europe, we have to still support the PS3” but now that that has switched

I try to be cool-headed and not hyper defensive about this kind of thing… But I’m going to call Mr. Greenberg out on this and say this is BS.

In fact, I predict the exact opposite and you can hold me to it: The amount of third party support for the PS3 will go up in 2009, not down.

If you read the interview, notice that the questions were completely neutral and were not baiting an inflammatory quote.

I’ll keep future posts constructive, happy, and non-argumentative, but remember: If at the end of 2009, I point out that the PS3 has had an amazing year, complete with amazing and increased third party support, a simple “I told you so” might be in order.

  • Henning

    He’s just trying to get the snowball of a self-fulfilling prophecy rolling. Typical Microsoft tactic.

  • Trieloth

    Greeenberg…arggh everytime I see his picture I want to punch the monitor. He is a idiot.

  • 3rd parties love MS because they can write them a check with as many 0s on it as they want.

  • John

    Well, the sad thing is that MS successfully defeated all their opponents so far, including the US gov & DOJ, supposed to be the most powerful nation on the planet… so I guess they’ll probably win against Sony in the end too.

  • This is called FUD, and MS are very proficient at it. Wording stuff carefully, you can actually turn his statement around easily.

    It’s not like PS3 software sales in the US are like MSs sales (in General) in Japan… And still japanese software companies support MS.

    And as Henning posted, the third party sales are VERY good actually… on an installed base normalized chart, third parties actually sell more on PS3. I know I know, this is a bit far fetched, but come a price cut and more hardware sales, we’ll see this turn out to be an advantage for the PS3 very soon!

  • Ves

    This is getting really annoying. For the past year M$ has just been throwing dirt at PlayStation, while they hardly did the same.

    The Japanese are just trying to stay humble and not try to beat M$ at their current ‘agenda’. Cause they know, don’t argue with a fool cause they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you on experience.

  • That is very stupid. We’ve seen they do earn quite well from ps3, merely by porting their games. It is not like they need to have different assets. As the consoles are nearly the same in power, they can share the same data. It mostly needs just re-programming, which never would double the development costs, but indeed would bring much more cash..

  • Anybody knows how many xboxes are modded? This way we can compare the ps3 install base against the non-modded xboxes.

    I mean if they sold 10.000 xboxes and 50% are moded they only sell 6000 games or so if every body want it.. for the unmoddable ps3 would that be 10.000.. so a install base of many figures is not always a good thing for the 3rd parties..

    But as people already mentioned.. MS give’s a lot more money to a developper to have some exclusivity or other release dates etc.. And there is where Sony can also make a differance..