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December 2008 Hardware Sales |


Those are huge sales for the industry overall. PS3 sales are slightly disappointing in that they are less than the competition and even less than December 2007 numbers, even with an unusually strong software lineup, but these numbers are definitely not terrible. Overall 2008 hardware sales are 40% higher than 2007.

It’s disappointing to see 360 software dominate the NPD’s USA top ten list, but realistically this is likely just the same USA 2:1 360:PS3 install base ratio being repeated in software sales.

  • PS3 did ok, but not great either. Parents buying consoles for gifts at Christmas usually just go for the cheaper console (360 or Wii). Unfortunately most people don’t see the “value” in the PS3.

    Second box isn’t loading for me.

  • Darrin

    Thanks for heads up. Replaced second box with .png image. It worked great in Google Chrome, but not in Firefox.

  • Henning

    Disappointing numbers for Sony. SCEE seems to do some pretty decent marketing of the PS3. SCEA seems to have their heads in the sand.

  • Trieloth

    Yeah its disappointing sales for the PS3 in the US, but look at how many they sold in Japan!! WOW!! Especially with all the JRPG’s that came out on the 360. 🙂 Maybe square will change there minds about star ocean:lh being exclusive. The PSP even out sold the Wii in japan.

  • I think most people in the US are useing the PS3 as a bluray player only. That’s the only way I can explain the software numbers. Those hardware numbers aren’t too bad for a console that’s 2x as expensive than it’s competitors.

  • Darrin

    Hardware install base ratio = 2:1 for 360 to PS3 (according to NPD 13,856,500 to 6,789,700)
    Software sales ratio = 2:1 for 360 to PS3

    No further explanation needed.

    GTA4 (for all of ’08) has a lower ratio: 1.74 360:PS3
    While CoD:WaW has a higher ratio (for December) of 2.49 360:PS3

    But in general, software sales hover around a 2:1 sales ratio for cross platform titles.

  • François

    It seems to me that the best audience for video games are teenagers and I think they are the ones giving the edge of the 360 over the ps3 in term of sales. The ps3 seems more popular amongs adults mainly because of bluray that has made that system a pretty good deal so far. The ps3 sales are pretty decent and Sony has tons of potential ps2 owner who will be upgrading over the next years.

  • mpz

    unfortunately meaningless without the rest of the world.

  • mikael

    Why the 3D chart? Was the 2D two easy to read?

  • mikael

    Eh… two = too in the above.

  • Darjeeling

    Are you gonna make a chart for the entire year of 2008?

    Would be cool if so.