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LBP Level Recommendations |

I am absolutely floored by the quality of some of the user created levels in LBP. I wish I had half of the imagination or artistic design skills of some of these guys. What’s amazing is that (from what I can tell) these are fairly regular players, and not professional game developers or artists at all.

It’s really neat to see all the unique contraptions, platforming mechanics, and visual effects that people can pull off within the LBP framework.

Two levels that I would highly suggest trying out are listed below. I would suggest not watching the videos since it kind of spoils the novelty of playing the levels, but I’m posting them anyway. LBP has improved the level search tools since launch, but I still think it’s somewhat of a weak point. Ideally, I wouldn’t need to find out about cool levels on the web on my PC and type them in later on my PS3: I’d rather see everyone’s top picks right inside the game.


by Nathan900


  • Three optional co-op centric puzzle areas designed for groups of 2+, 3+, and 4 players
  • Epic boss monster. It has been completely redone since the linked YouTube video (which actually looks pretty crappy), so don’t judge that one. The new one is based around the guns and items from the MGS pack.
  • Roller coaster section. This coaster is actually better done than several standalone roller coaster levels, and it’s only just a small part of this map.
  • Variety of other cool platforming design ideas. Nothing is terribly hard, but most of them are just cool to play through and experience such novel designs.

Silent Hill Tribute

by monkeybutler


  • Nails the classic Silent Hill environments: the desolate foggy city, the haunted elementary school, the hospital, and hell.
  • Monsters: This actually has functional undead knife-wielding nurses. And the triangle head guy with the giant sword. Nice!
  • Sound + Music: They even got the weird static sound when the enemies attack.

This has some really fun platforming and cool recreations of many classic Silent Hill -isms. I would dare to say that I had more fun with his level than I did with Silent Hill Homecoming.

  • James

    the LittleBigDeadspace one is really good too

  • when i play LBP these days it’s usually trying out one or two more user-generated levels and i still haven’t even finished single-player yet.

  • mpz

    Now at least they have sort by rating – the top rated ones are generally good – at least once they’ve had a lot of plays. The problem is that with 300K levels and rising I can’t imagine any sorting system which will work very well. And searching by keyword only shows 1 page, which isn’t much use.

    I was impressed with ‘Distress in Ocean’ (plus japanese in title) when i played it.

  • If you always go for the highest rated or most played, you’ll miss the new gems. There definitely has to be another system, not necessarily inside LBP, that at least randomly reviews new ones if they are good. Could be a blog dedicated to it..

  • Distress in Ocean by Yamame is 5 star material!

  • James

    yeah that was another good one. there should be a website dedicated to reviews of user created levels with keywords and stuff to find it on your game as well so it’s easier for you to find it. That’s how I found the azure palace that was featured in PTOM.

  • Trev

    dino island.
    that’s all i can think of off the top of my head. dead space level was good too.

  • James

    there was also another that had like a black and white filter effect that was really cool. forgot what it was called

  • I have some great ones on my favorite list, when I play again I’ll let you know what one I think are amazing. I know of at least 2-4 that come to mind.