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Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake? |

In an interview with CVG, Naughty Dog suggests that Nathan Drake is just as popular as Lara Croft with the PlayStation audience.

What do you think? Below is an official PR photo that may help you ponder this matter.

Croft's Crotch

Two more similarly themed photos can be found here

  • Lara vs Nathan. I’d love to see that made into a game.

  • James

    I believe, given the fact that Uncharted is a better game to begin with (although a new series), Nathan Drake can easily surpass Lara Croft for most popular action/adventure/mystery/treasure hunt superstar. For instance, Tomb Raider games just can’t seem to get as much of a response from the general gaming public as it used to (and as far as I can tell, the only reason the older, first generation games got any attention at all was due to the sex appeal of Lara, but, in my opinion, the controls were too clunky to enjoy it as a game).

    Nathan Drake, as a character, isn’t some super-muscular steroid abusing hulk with a huge chain gun and a shit eating grin. He’s more like a regular built guy with a sense of humor (Uncharted’s writers, I think, are some of the best). If the developers and whatnot can keep up with what the first one gave us, then, simply put, Uncharted will be one of the best action and adventure series out there, and Nathan Drake being one of the most memorable and likable characters under the PlayStation brand.

    Simply put, Lara Croft’s days of video game stardom were finished long ago, but there wasn’t a proper replacement for a genre until Uncharted with Drake.

  • James

    I meant ‘the’ genre at the end there.

  • mpz

    Naughty Dog are probably a little premature in their claim, but they’ve only done one game, and if it was just down to the game it wouldn’t be too premature at all.

    I just finished tomb raider on the weekend – it needed a LOT of polish. It was probably the buggiest game i’ve ever played on a console. It crashed quite a few times, and in one instance got into a messed up state, and I had to go back to an older save file to progress. Other little weird stuff like jumping on some sloped ground caused you to get ‘stuck’ or even die instantly and very unexpectedly. And after prince of persia the controls and leaping about felt extremely clunky and painful. A pity because the basic elements were quite good – nice animations, pretty/detailed environments, a few puzzles and tricky leaping about. Just needed polish.

    Having said that … those are just technical issues. Lara is a much more recognisable ‘brand’ by far. There’s nothing to stop them writing it properly one day … But that may never happen as the IP is easy to milk for a few bucks with less effort.

    (I might add that Nathan isn’t so ‘normal bloke’ either, I mean who can jump 2m vertically from one hand-held ledge to another? At least Lara has some ‘excuse’ for being so nimble).

  • I think Uncharted sold more than the latest Tomb Raider game, and it was released on 6 systems.


    nice picx!