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Killzone 2 Bundle |

Killzone 2 Bundle

Well that image I posted in the shotbox is true. It will run £299.99. No word on Bundles for other regions yet. But I’d be surprised if they didn’t. What they should do is include the official PlayStation headset in the bundle so more people have them.

Killzone 2 bundle announced…

  • PSN: Lifendz

    A headset and HDMI cable is really overdue for the console. Some people own a PS3 and an HDtv and aren’t using HDMIT!! C’mon Sony, throw in the goods. Not like it’ll cost much.

  • True a HDMI cable would be nice. My HDMI cable was only $5 from Amazon and it still works great!

  • Trev

    i guess but at least include the old composite cable too cause not everyone owns an HDTV. including a headset would be good to encourage more users. they really need to advertise that headset in general. i’ve come across many users who never even knew they could use any bluetooth headset let alone that there is a sony one.
    i notice the game is rated 18 as well. gives us an idea of how mature the content will be.