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PS3 Firmware 2.60 – Photo App and more DivX support |

I’ll admit the Photo Gallery Application is cool. I wish the PS3 could display animated gifs on photo section of the xmb though. Anyway check out the video for what it looks like. This should be coming soon to a PS3 near you.

Other new features are:

* Guest access to PlayStation Store – This enables non-PlayStation Network members to browse through the storefront to check out the latest games, demos, videos, etc.

* DivX 3.11 support – Videos in this format can now be played on PS3.

Upcoming PS3 Firmware (v2.60) Update

Some rumored features:

* Safe Mode
* Blu-Ray Disc Theme Support
* HDD Data can be accessed and deleted in-game
* 3-D Secure Support
* Improved System Stability

  • That arrange by age function is very interesting. We seriously need to store our photos on PS3 in the long run, it seems like a very nice way of displaying your photos.

  • bmore2bstuy

    yea I don’t really use this or the music functionality much on my ps3 at all…just started using the net….but media wise that’s about it…I would like to but I find it particularly difficult getting stuff transferred over in the first place.

    It’s a shame that Sony puts work into adding in this kinda functionality when the average consumer doesn’t even no it can go online.

  • jerryhat

    I hope the DivX 3.11 support somehow fixes all the problems I have playing them and Xvids (I know it’s a long shot).

  • wahnfried

    @jerryhat: Unfortunately, it didn’t solve any problems regarding XviD. It’s quite ridicolous that they support such an old format like DivX 3.11, but don’t manage to be 100 % XviD compatible.

  • John

    …and we still don’t have folders? *shakes head in disbelief*
    I personally have no need for fancy pants metadata-based sorting, I just want some basic hierarchical folders… so I can find the photos I want, and find them together without spending days qualifying everything…

  • Jason

    Does it read pictures from your NAS or Other media servers? Nope, all your pictures have to be on the PS3 internal hard drive. Which makes it pretty much useless.

  • mpz

    After I spend a few hours copying the 7G of photos off my external drive (after working around it’s dead psu and other sagas – `WD Elements’ are cheap and well you get what you pay for it seems) … very impressive. Fast and well, just really nice, even the transitional animations which I normally detest are fast enough they don’t detract from using it. I was hoping for some photo tweaking options though, like red-eye elimination and cropping and whatnot, but for a viewer it’s pretty hard to beat. Although (close up on a 46″ tv) all it did is show how crappy my cameras have been and made me think of buying yet another one ;-(

    The face and age recognition stuff was cute, although the age stuff was a bit out. Damn, wouldn’t it be nice if you could burn a playlist onto a photo disc or dvd too?? Add some captioning/voiceover stuff and you’ve got a tool that families would really go for.

    As for folders … folders are just clutter to most people, infact most people still don’t understand them at all – why do you think they added ‘my photos’ etc to windows – people just didn’t know you could even do that. If you can’t sort photos into a flat heirarchy/set of playlists, you’re probably making things more complicated than they need to be. The whole sort-by-tag thing, a-la gmail is a heck of a lot simpler, and I think you’ll have to expect more of it in the future (that is what winfs was all about, afterall). The problem with sorting by folder is that you can only do it once, and usually your first guess at how you want to sort things is wrong. So you end up 1. not being able to find stuff, 2. wasting time re-sorting when it all gets too much of a mess. Believe me, I’ve been there and done that – not only with my own data, but working on a mail application that did it for a lot of other peoples data, and physical folders are just far too clumsy and limiting, and inefficient.

    I like how the menu (triangle) button brings up a menu across the bottom – I hope they do something similar to the normal photo viewer, and the video player too for that matter. That crappy ps2-like button overlay in an odd part of the screen is very sucky.

    It would be nice if it did access network or external drives … but there are sound technical reasons why they haven’t. Keeping meta-data indices up-to-date on uncontrolled media is a really difficult process. Either it is accurate and really (really) slow – e.g. it basically has to re-scan the whole drive every time it starts up or is plugged in, or it is inaccurate – and not very fast anyway. Picasa and similar apps ‘get by’ by running daemons in the background, but its a pretty crappy solution (forced onto it by the architecture), and one they can’t do on the ps3 (again, forced onto it by the architecture of the system). Currently you can sort and bring up thousands of images in a fraction of a second – on an external drive it would take forever to index and forever to check the index was valid, etc etc, impacting on the ‘user experience’ very negatively – so much so that I’d say it wouldn’t really work properly.