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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete at last [Update] |

It’s been a long wait but it’s almost over, it will be released April 16th. But the date is just for Japan .. so I hope other regions come very soon after that.

[Update: After some searching there will NOT be English subtitles 🙁 Only English Dubs, booooo! No SALE!]

There is a special edition 160GB PS3 bundle as well pictured here, again this is Japan only at the moment. But it does include a Final Fantasy XIII demo too.

Prices are as follows:

* ¥49,980 [$550] – 160GB PS3 with Cloud wolf logo and copy of ACC
* ¥5,900 [$65] – Advent Children Complete with demo
* ¥4,900 [$54] – Advent Children Complete without demo

Special edition FFVII PS3 revealed, FFXIII demo dated


  1. Charging for a demo.. I know people will pay for it, but it’s not “cool”. That said, it would make people who doesn’t have ps3 feel cheated for having paid for a ps3 demo if they didn’t come up with this scheme. So I have mixed feelings!

  2. Stephen

    Importing the one with the demo for sure

  3. Seen the movie, and the demo should’ve been for Versus.

  4. ehandlr

    Since the demo is only coming to Japan (and limited quantities of that) I’ve already ensured my import. I want the movie in BD anyways…but the demo makes it even sweeter.

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