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Games Night #3 Redux |

Sorry guys. I turned on my PS3 at 9:50 to get into HOME, and was greeted by the next firmware update. It took an agonizing 45 minutes to download and install the thing! Argh! My lack of foresight left some of you out in the cold. Did anybody show up and leave (I know about you Eric)? My apologies to all of you.

That said, I finally did get online and xBerserker and HEAD_SHOTT joined me for some Burnout fun. I actually had a pretty good time and I earned at least four trophies in the process. Let’s see, there was one for getting my 30th billboard. One for completing ten challenges. One for jumping over another car (thanks HEAD_SHOTT!). Hm. I forget what the other one was.

Well, I’m still not giving up on games night. Maybe next week we can play CoD4 (if I can join the party!) or those of you with R2 can get a co-op game going, which I unfortunately can’t organize (don’t have it).

  • I actually got sick of waiting for the firmware to download so I found a direct download online and did it that way.

    Burnout was fun, I assumed that you to “reset” your save data to earn trophies. But I got some last night so that was a pleasant surprise.

  • Henning

    Yeah, I think you do need to reset your save data. Since I hadn’t played the game all that much before Trophy support was added, I did so.

    Maybe you just hadn’t completed those objectives before?

  • I refuse to reset my save data, I spend to much time on that game to start over. But I guess online trophies are available if you didn’t reset your save data.

  • mpz

    About 6 months ago the Australian servers must have been installed/upgraded. Every time I’ve done a firmware update since it’s gone fast – it spent more time ‘installing this update’ than it did downloading it, and I did it around peak-time (8pm or so) last night.


    Ya that was fun last night, luckily I didn’t buy Burnout till after trophy support was added so I didn’t have to reset the save data. I’m definitely up for another game night with CoD4 or R2 or whatever.