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R2 Patch to Support Profiles for 2nd Player? |

On the offical PlayStation blog, they talk a abit about the 1.40 patch for Resistance 2. Since I don’t have the game, it doesn’t affect me much. But at the end they mention this little tidbit:

Now you may be asking, “But what about adding the option to save the second player’s character progress?” Truth be told, it required a certain PS3 firmware that wasn’t available at the time of Resistance 2’s release. We now have that firmware and are currently working to implement the feature. As soon as it’s ready, we’ll get it out to you.

First off, I’d like to say: “Yay!”

Secondly, I have to wonder how they’re implementing this. There shouldn’t have been anything preventing Insomniac from saving the second player’s data, unless they wanted to do it a certain way. That is, the same way that LBP does, which is to say profiles. In other words, the second player will be able to choose a profile on your PS3 and save to that profile. That way, if he were to log in to the PS3 using that profile instead, then he’d have his progress there, but as player one and not two. I think I’m on to something here…

Edit: Looking at the comments in the post, it looks like I’m wrong! (That’s never happened before.) What they want to do instead is this: “In theory, it should allow you to log-in two PSN accounts – which would indeed allow your friend to log-in with all of his data. But that’s all TBD.” That’s pretty cool too – better in fact. But it also looks like it’s a long way off.

Resistance 2 Patch 1.40 Details

  • It is very important to be able to earn trophies for all parties involved during a local co-op play. This should have been achieved 5 years ago (yes, before ps3 shipped 🙂 )

    I hope the new firmware actually allows this. AFAIK, LBP does not currently support concurrent trophy winnings for all local players.

  • JimmyStewart

    Finally! It seems Sony doesn’t want me happy all at once… or possibly at all. Originally I figured I’d be getting Resistance 2 and KillZone 2… then when Resistance 2 was so horribly broken with it’s co-op I held out all my hope for KZ2. And recently they announced no co-op for KZ2, so that was out. But now this is back in? Well, almost back in. Still have to actually fix the game.

    Hurray for the firmware finally getting this right. I agree 100% with Emrah, this is 5 years late, but at least now Sony can compete a little bit better for my gaming dollar. Very, very exciting news.

  • jerryhat

    Are you really unable to enjoy a game that doesn’t have co-op? I don’t mean this in the normal combatative forum way, I’m genuinely interested.

  • My friend Steve and I play games together on my PS3 quite often. Almost weekly. When we get together, we need something to play. So a game with co-op is high on our list of things to play.

    We’ve enjoyed the co-op campaigns in Army of Two, RSV2, R1, and GRAW2 (though those missions were more piecemeal), and others. So co-op is very important to me.

    Most of my gaming is done with Steve or when some other friends come over. If a game does not have a co-op mode (or another way for more than one person to play), it has to have something really compelling for me to buy it. That is why I haven’t bought R2 yet. While it’s a decent shooter, there’s nothing there that really compels me to play the game by myself.

  • jerryhat

    Different strokes, as usual. Off-line co-op means nothing to me, but not for the best of reasons, I simply have no friends 🙂 It’s interesting to learn other people’s thinking on the matter, thanks Henning.

  • jwspiker

    resident evil 5 has local co-op from what i hear.

  • @jwspiker: But does it have simultaneous trophy earnings? I hope Sony had devised the system from ground-up to support this without too much developer intervention required. Otherwise, the whole trophy system would be ill conceived.

    They would have to take care of how the 2nd players trophy alerts are displayed, for example. Maybe different color? Such a simple sounding functionality could be impossible to implement if the system was not designed for multiple logins at the beginning.