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Killzone 2 Audio – New Dynamic Music System |

Killzone 2 with feature some new audio technology never used in a PlayStation 3 game before. Some highlights from this article:

  • Fully orchestrated score comprising a new dynamic music system developed by Sony just for this game
  • In-game music is digitally triggered via MIDI to respond to the player’s actions in real time
  • Killzone 2 can utilize up to four distinct aural effects on each and every sound in the game, all processed in amazing 7.1 surround sound. Reverb levels adapt to the location and distance from the player, envelopes wrap spot effects based on the surroundings and decays and echoes add a final layer of unrivaled real time engineering.
  • I’ve heard the soundtrack for this game is really good too and they are thinking about releasing a soundtrack.

    I remember in a K2 interview that if somebody is talking on the other side of a wall the sound is actually muffled a little. So how many of you have 7.1 surround sound? I have 5.1 via optical, so I hope I can still hear it the way it was intended by Guerrilla Games.

    The Music Of Killzone 2

    • James

      I got my Onkyo 7.1 receiver hooked up via HDMI with HD sound capabilities too (only thing is, the PS3 outputs sound at 7.1PCM, even for HD tracks, so the receiver doesn’t recognize it as HD, but if I have my settings set to direct, it’s uncompressed anyway and comes out as if it were DTS-HD or TrueHD (in fact, while watching a blu-ray movie, if you look at the display at the top, it’ll either say TrueHD or DTS-HD, despite the receiver saying it’s PCM)). The sound quality is amazing in HD too.

    • @james, does the receiver have an HDMI pass-through for the video connection? I wonder how it works, as we have only one HDMI output.

    • Darrin

      I remember reading about a new Sony dynamic soundtrack data format/protocol to support soundtracks that are dynamically affected by gameplay. That is probably what Killzone 2 is using.

      On the A/V note:
      I’m sure optical 5.1 audio will be adequate, but obviously HDMI should be noticably better.I’m definitely getting an HDMI receiver in the next year.

    • What do you mean by HD tracks?

      If the PS3 is putting out 7.1PCM and your Onkyo can decode it, you’re golden.

    • Pc

      I have a 6.1 system in my entertainment room….Man, i can’t wait for this game !

    • jerryhat

      re: the onkyo

      For blu-rays (ie films) you *must* set your ps3 output to LinearPCM to get TrueHD or DTS-HD, there is absolutely no exceptions to this rule – whatever you may have read in forums.

      @emrah: the Onkyo has full 1080p 1.3a HDMI passthru for the video.

      I have the Onkyo 606, which has the 4 HDMI inputs. Great sound whether for music, tv, dvds or blurays. I really can’t fault it. Apart from the heat, it’s like a mini furnace and needs space round it.

    • James

      my receiver (a 706) is a HDMI repeater (with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output), so it does both audio and video

      basic rule of thumb, a pass-through switch only passes the video through. You would still need separate cables for audio (such as optical), whereas repeaters process audio and video and is the only option for DTS-HD and TrueHD, since such audio formats are only available through HDMI

    • jerryhat

      My apologies, I wasn’t aware of the difference. The 606 is also a repeater.