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KZ2 Somewhat Co-opy? |

Since I learned that bots are in KZ2, I’ve been wondering if me and my friends could get together on one team, and battle against bots on the other team. Kind of a co-op mode, if you will. Well, this here isn’t official confirmation, but it’s a little bit of hope:

PHlooG wrote:

Can I: Create a game that is limited to my friends only, no one else, then put all my friends on one team, and fill the other team with bots, so that my friends and I can play semi-cooperatively in battles against 100% AI forces?


Follow-up – – same scenario, but can I have three friends AND AI on one team, and an equal number of ALL AI on the other team?

I think with a bit of fiddling you should be able to do that by swapping factions before the game starts. Not 100% sure, would have to try it, but I think you can.

Seb Downie – QA Manager – Guerrilla Games

I’m crossing my fingers.

Ask the dev – 1 month till release edition – Killzone 2 (PS3)

  • I am currently testing the preview code of K2. You have the option of joining a squad in multiplayer at the first unlockable rank (50p). Technically you could train against a team of bots. You have further the option of setting the AI for the bots (rooky, trooper, veteran, etc.). I have never played a game, where the bots behave that good. They change cover, flank you and even lure you into traps. After a view rounds with bots you don’t see a real difference to a online match against human players.

  • That’s great news Barandum. Can you set up unequal teams? That is, set up a squad of 4 (or is it 5?) people on one team, and have 16 bots on the other team?

  • You have the Warzone which is the online-multiplayer section and you have the skrimish mode which is the offline bot-mode. In the skrimish mode you can play up against 15 other bots. In the online mode you may fill up the remaining slots of the 32 limit with additional bots. Honestly I don’t recall right now if you can add more than 15 bots in the online mode. I think there is even no limitation of how big your squad is (but don’t nail me on that). No I think it is not possible to set the teams manully, i.e. to add the bots to one faction and your squad to an other. But you can set the size of every level (the level will like in warhak adjust its size to the number of players). So if you are 5 friends you could setup a 10 player match. Like this you should be able to battle against an equal number of bots. However, as this feature is of some importance, i guess this feautre will be addes with a patch.

  • A little disappointing, but still good to know. Thanks.

  • Trev

    its such a shame there is no actual co-op mode. such a missed opportunity.
    fingers crossed they patch it in later. this game needs it.

  • Nope, tey won’t patch it. We have just got a very firm confirmation from Sony. However, in the singleplayer you won’t really miss it and in multiplayer neither.