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Killzone 2 |

The first reviews are rolling in and so far this game is living up to it’s billing as an insanely polished big blockbuster action game. Most striking to me, is that stylistically, the characters, uniforms, environments, and action all look “cooler” than the other big blockbuster action games. Dark space marines with guns isn’t exactly breaking new ground, but I must admit that the visual style of this game really stands out.


IGN9.4 out of 10.0
Eurogamer 9 out of 10

Now, could someone explain what this phrase means:

It was worth the wait

I’ve heard several people say this regarding Killzone 2, yet it doesn’t make any sense. What is a wait worth? Have you ever heard anyone say that a game wasn’t worth the wait?

  • Every new image or video I’ve seen lately I’m continually impressed by what I see. But I’m now on a video/review blackout.

  • Trying to decide whether or not to buy this. I don’t like FPSs that much but the only reason I want to buy KZ2 is to show it off to my ‘360 ownz all’ friends. ^^

  • You could always buy it for the Single Player, if your not into online FPS action.

  • Flakao

    This is a day one buy for me, even when i’m not so crazy about the FPS genre.

    I only have Resistance 2.

  • Nash

    I’m definitely picking this up. I’ve been playing SOCOM but I played COD4 last night to get the feel for FPS again. I’m not a huge FPS guy, but this game looks too good to pass up.

    Oh, and games that are not worth the wait are games that are “hyped” (sorry) and keep getting delayed. When they finally come out, they stink. See Haze for proof.

  • Pc

    Day one purchase for me, and yet another system seller! Can’t wait ! 🙂

  • Pc

    My fiance will be with me right when this game comes out, so i’m gonna have to make her love some PS3 ! haha

  • Trev

    nice archive pic!

    “worth the wait?” well that’s just stating that it is so good that the reward for having to wait for it is worthwhile. you can easily apply the negative as well. maybe this is a british thing but it makes perfect sense and is used often.

  • Hi everybody,

    We have posted our own Killzone 2 review today. If you feel ok with German (sorry no subtitles), then the 30min extensive review will give you some further insight. Otherwise enjoy some new gameplay scenes. 🙂 (the swiss playstation 3 community)

  • matt

    Has anyone else picked up the demo which starts on the 5th?