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Killzone 2 Superbowl Ad |

Spoiler though. Got goosebumps watching it πŸ˜›
Ended up being false, oh well.


  1. Wow, they’re actually marketing this? About time.

  2. and using actual game footage even!

  3. Looks like you get to use ‘mobile suits’ like in Aliens. That looked cool.

  4. good ad!

    p.s. looking forward to the ‘bowl!

  5. mm, some rumors are going around that this is a fan made commercial. Guess we’ll see tomorrow.

  6. This i a terrible ad. It’s got to be a fake. The feel of it is unlike anything that Guerrilla has put out before and the puns are stupid.

  7. I wouldn’t go as far as calling the puns stupid, but they are not clever enough indeed for a superbowl calibre ad. I guess this has been already proven as fan-made somewhere, that’s why I’m speaking comfortably.

    But Sony would be stupid not to put an ad for superbowl, for this game or PS3.

  8. I don’t think it’s real either.

  9. Apparently a friend of mine is a reviewer, he told me he was playing KZ2 atm.

    I’ll see if I find the time to visit him and check out the game for myself. Then I’ll let you know

  10. Anybody watch the Super Bowl? Was this ad fake or what?

  11. I watched the Super Bowl, ad was indeed fake.

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