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Advent Children Complete trailer …. wow :) [Update x2]

If your on the fence about upgrading your dvd copy to blu-ray. Just jump off the fence already! It includes 25 minutes of extra footage. The clothes and vehicles get dirty throughout the film and character get bloody now. It’s out in Japan April 16, no word on other regions yet.

[Update: After some searching there will NOT be English subtitles 🙁 Only English Dubs, booooo! No SALE!]


You can download the 1080p trailer off the Japanese PSN store.


Awesome Desert KZ2 MP Video

Here is one of the awesomest KZ2 MP videos so far.

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Killzone 2 Controller Presets Revealed

Here are the Killzone 2 controller presets. Seems like the one I voted for is the one most people like.

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Home Treasure Hunt

It seems like every region is doing something fun but North America … It’s called the PSP-3000 scavenger hunt. It’s on the European Home Beta only. You have 2 weeks to find all the treasure so get hunting.

The Treasure hunt is now live and you’ll find it in the PlayStation Events Space via the World Map in Home. Everything you need to know is in the space itself, including the competition details and entry website and, of course, the competition itself.

From what I hear, it involves having to find 8 codes around Home.

PSP-3000 Treasure hunt event goes live for PlayStation Home

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