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Games Night #5 – TONIGHT – CoD:WaW |

UPDATE 2: Tonight’s the night! I’ll be in HOME beforehand, and I’ll enter CoD World at War at 10pm sharp and start sending invites to people as they come online. Please use your headset if you have one. Don’t forget to send me a PSN friend invite before 9:30 EST so that I can invite you into the party.

UPDATE 1: Switching game nights to Wednesdays.

Games Night #4 Redux

Last nigh a couple of us got together for some Call of Duty 4. Not all of us could be there the whole time, but I had some fun anyway. We started off with just AnnexGR and me playing a quick game of Headquarters which didn’t turn out to be so quick. 🙂 We immediatey got put into the smallest map (with the containers). So the time ran out on that one, but we won.

Then xBerserker and QiKo joined us for a couple games of Sabotage and lastly it was just me and QiKo playing some Ground War.

I had fun, but those hosts that end CoD matches early are really annoying. It leaves the rest of us sitting on our hands. Not polite.

I’m starting to learn about putting together game nights:

  1. It really would be better if everyone had headsets. I was the only one with a headset, and it was odd to be playing “with” some other players, but not be able to communicate with them. Tosh: why didn’t you use your headset?
  2. I shouldn’t start a match if I’m in the game early. That’s what we did last night and it went past the starting time. (Sorry QiKo.) Next time I’ll be online in the game at 10pm exactly, and I’ll send invites as I can.
  3. I didn’t visit HOME before the game last night, next time if I’m early I’ll go there instead of starting a game.
  4. Going back to playing CoD4 after playing CoD5 recently was refreshing. There’s just something about CoD4 that CoD5 lacks…

Games Night #5 – 03feb09 04feb09

Call of Duty: World at War! If we get four (or fewer) players together we can try some co-op. If we get more than four, we’ll do some regular multiplayer.

I’m in. 🙂

  • Tj

    Im in for this ive been coming to this site for a long time now just for the news but these game nights intrest me now

    PSN ID is HELLACHEAP….add me henning and lets do this

  • chris

    definitely agree about what you said about the difference between cod4 and cod5. cod5 just seems to be missing something. anyway, not sure if you guys are all friends here and this is just a private thing, but i would definitely be down for cod game night. my psn is cpfuzz2. let me know whats up.

  • Well, we’re becoming friends. 🙂

    The purpose of games night is to try to get a regular group of people together to play games. I’d rather play games with people I know than complete strangers. You get to know the playing styles and abilities of the people you play with. Then it’s a lot more enjoyable to knife someone in the back. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Everyone is welcome. If you’d like to join in on a games night, send me (Blackstaffer) a PSN invite and mention “PS3Blog Game Night”. I’ll accept your friend request. Then when it comes time to play the game on Tuesday at 10pm I’ll invite you into the game.

    BTW, I’m thinking of changing the games night to Wednesdays because it works better for me. But if I hear a chorus of NO’s then I won’t. 😉

  • chris


    sounds good to me. i’m always looking to play, especially with a group of people. ill be sure to send you that request when i get home tonight. Both Tues and Wed work for me. looking forward to knifing some of you in the back. see u soon.


  • AnnexGR

    it was fun last night, but i agree that everyone should have headsets. ill def go grab one before the next game night!

    sorry i had to leave early, a friend crashed my place and we went to go grab some beers and catch up.

  • qiko

    I am gonna skip this 1, i only have the MW version.


    Sorry I completely forgot this week but I’m cool with either CoD’s and Wednesdays are actually better for me. I’ll definitely be there next week.

  • wahnfried

    Is anyone of you guys into BF:BC? I think it’s really awesome gameplay and we should definitely get a game together.

  • Trieloth

    Henning sorry that I have missed the last get together, wednesday would work better because I usually do R2 clan stuff on tuesdays. See you guys next wednesday…hopefully

  • Okay, Wednesdays it is. 🙂

  • Sinlock

    Don’t have any of the PS3 COD games on hand. But I’ll show for the HOME meet and greet.


    I will definitely be there, I set my alarm on my phone so I don’t forget this time.

  • I’ll try to meet you guys in home, I can’t join you for CoD WAW but maybe I’ll split off with other to play something else? RE5 Demo perhaps? I haven’t tried that demo yet.

  • Sinlock

    HOME was not bad last night. Roll call was Henning, Tosh, Trieloth, HEAD_SHOTT, and Sinlock. Hope the game turned as good.