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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has Great Co-op |


There has been exactly one top-down fantasy action RPG for the PS3: Untold Legends. While it was fun to play (especially the combat), it had its quirks. Now it looks like I’m finally going to have another such game to play on the PS3, and won’t have to stick Champions of Norrath into my PS3 for my RPG fix. The game is called Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, and its coming to the PS3 and 360 pretty soon.

The cool thing about this game is that it has true drop-in/out co-op. Here’s part of the interview:

Co-Optimus: What co-op options do console players have? Will players be able to pair up on one console with other players on Xbox Live/PSN?

Mario: Yes. You will be able to play with up to four players total with up to two per console. Players can join the game by plugging in an additional controller or by joining online games via Xbox Live or PSN.

Neat, huh? I have a couple friends buying PS3’s soon, so I can’t wait to get online with them for some RPG action.

Interview: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Console Version Interview

  • Darrin

    The PC version has been out for a few months. It sounds like a highly polished game that strictly sticks to the genre formula and is marred by glitches and performance issues.

    The action RPG genre hasn’t had a lot of competition on PS3. This sounds great if they can avoid nasty bugs and performance problems and have good online/offline multiplayer options.

  • Let’s hope they support multiple logins (for character level up’s and trophies even)

  • Let’s hope they support multiple logins (for character level up’s and trophies even)

  • this game seems fantastic, i’m really looking forward to it.

    i just hope the it runs well on consoles, even if it doesn’t look as nice

  • john

    I have played about 15 hours of Sacred2 on the PC. The game runs great, looks good, and is decently fun. The side quests can get a bit repetitive, and navigating the game world can be a chore – even with a mount. However, I would recommend it for the PC, and will be buying the PS3 version next week toonline co-op with the homies!