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Games Night #5 Redux |

Games Night #5, which was last night, was a great success!

Some of us met up in Home first. There was xBerserker (Tosh), Trieloth, HEAD_SHOTT, Sinlock, and me (Blackstaffer). We chatted it up first and it was nice that we all had headsets. We didn’t need to type. 🙂 We even remembered to use R2 to talk!

At 10pm sharp I exited Home and went into CoD:WaW. At first I went into the online co-op area, but discovered that I couldn’t invite people to my party if they were in the online multiplayer area. So I went over there (why is menu navigation SO SLOW?). Eventually I got a party of four together – Trieloth, HEAD_SHOTT, cpfuzz2, and me. We waited around for HEALLACHEAP to join us, but he was taking too long, so we played a game of Headquarters while we waited (sorry dude). (Of course as soon as we were in the game for a minute or two he came online.) We did a pretty good job winning that game – I think the final score was something like 250 to 20.

After that, HELLACHEAP and warpdrive joined us, so we were six people playing. That was more than we’ve ever gotten together on games night, so I was quite pleased.

We played some Domination, some Search and Destroy, and some Capture the Flag. Some games went well, and some games went really really bad. We stopped the evening on a sour note – losing 6-0 at capture the flag. 🙁 We spent all our time trying to avoid the stupid enemy tanks, it wasn’t much fun. But I had a good time playing the other matches, even the ones we lost.

Another great thing about the evening was that all of us (except for cpfuzz2) had headsets. So we could talk to one another and complain when “I shot that guy 5 times and he didn’t die!” (who was that, anyway?). Maybe we should have used our headsets to coordinate a bit more. 😉 cpfuzz2 – you have to get a headset! Even though it was nice to have headsets, it’ll take some getting used to. I don’t recognize anybody’s voice except for Ray’s low gravelly one. Somebody mentioned that they played S&D in Hardcore a lot, but I couldn’t tell you right now who it was.

So yeah we played Search and Destroy on hardcore mode, which was quite confusing when I tried to plant a bomb. It never said “Hold Square to plant explosive” so I couldn’t plant. I didn’t realize until someone helped me later to diffuse it (which one of you was that?) that it doesn’t prompt you – you just have to be in the right spot and hold down Square. (Can you tell I don’t play Hardcore mode at all?)

One thing I noticed that I thought was cool was that CoD5 shows your party members in blue. This is both in the lobby and in the game, where your chevrons are blue. Nice touch.

Also, it was obvious that there was a large variance in gamers’ abilities, to say the least. warpdrive and I both finished at the bottom of the pack in most games with very few kills, while all the others did much better. Hey, I never said I was good at this stuff. I just like it! I hope you better players didn’t mind that us poor players brought you down!

So I’m happy. If game nights continue like this one, I’ll stay happy. Once Killzone 2 comes out, it’ll be nice to know that everyone with a PS3 will have the game and we won’t need to wonder which game to play. (Make sure you have a headset!) But in the lead-up to that awesome (I hope) event, we can keep playing other fun games. Next week I think we’ll go with Warhawk or CoD4. I’ll post about that in the next couple days. In the meantime, think about which you’d rather play.

  • Every once in a while, I suggest a weekend play for European / States joint venture.

  • warpdrive

    Yeah, it was fun even though I am The Suck when it comes to this game. I really need to level up and get some of the more useful weapons. Every game has super annoying things and this one is the tanks and dogs, but if we were more organized, that can be dealt with appropriately.

  • I suggest for next week to do Warhawk, we can even Game Launch from home. At least it worked last time I tried it a few months ago. I would assume you can Game Launch from Home with Killzone 2.

    It would be fun to have a weekend Game Night Emrah, I should be up for that.

  • Sinlock

    I’ll put my vote down for Warhawk, getting a few extra Trophies never hurts.

  • My PSN is britboy13 someone please tell me their name so I can add them so I can play on game nights cuz next week I have no school :D. And if someone adds my psn can u please tell me that you are from thanks.

  • chris (cpfuzz2)

    had a good time last night, despite getting our asses kicked in capture the flag. ive never seen so many dog attacks before. anyway thanks for inviting me to the game. ill be sure to have my headset handy next time. keep me posted for future games.


  • Thanks for joining us!

    We have a games night every week. Just follow the posts about game nights. To get to the latest post about a games night, see the top of the sidebar where it says “Games Night”.

  • Trieloth

    The Tanks in that last match was where retarded. Is there a simple way of destroying the things? And whats with the weird turbo unlimited bullets guns? Is that some kind of Perk? Stranger yet is when I come around a corner and fill whom ever with bullets (usually a whole clip) and they turn around and kill me with a few shots. Then I watch the video and it shows me not even firing any shots. The game is flawed big time. I can see why people went back to CoD4.

  • Pc

    I’ll have to keep track of the next gamers night so i can join yall! I love search and destroy, and ctf is also fun. Cant wait for KZ2 though 🙂

  • Tj

    ha game night was great sorry it took me so long to jump in (HELLACHEAP) but i had fun getting whooped before moving on to Hardcore Search….and that was me saying i shot the dude like crazy trying to kill people….damn lag haha we should keep this up on a weekly basis….


    That was fun and those tanks were terrrrrible, every time I spawned I would get out my bazooka and shoot at tanks, I never had a chance to get any kills!

    And to Trieloth: To destroy the tanks you either need a bazooka or satchel charges and the sticky grenades. I think you can actually destroy the “wheels” or whatever the tanks wheels are called by throwing a sticky grenade or satchel charges on them.

    I don’t have Warhawk so I might have to sit next week out.

  • Sinlock

    If we land up doing Warhawk, I propose that we keep the game limited to the Standard Warhawk game with out the add-on packs, that way no one lands up having to sit out a game. Also depending on how many people show up we might want to concider making the game public so we have enough people to make sure the game is Ranked and Tropies will be awarded.