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The New “Humble” Sony |

In 2006-2007, the Internet hive mind interpreted anything Sony did or said as arrogant. More recently, even the most routine and cookie-cutter reports on sales and financial performance is characterized as some kind of evil and out-of-touch “spin”. Now, Sony execs have finally got the hive mind press to fawn over it’s new humble image:


A few things:

  • David Reeves isn’t humble. I don’t care if he gives a sniveling interview about how Sony has to take their licks. He’s from RJR Nabisco, which has a reputation for the most extreme forms of corporate greed and excess. OK, he’s not evil or anything, but I don’t buy it.
  • Jack Tretton isn’t humble either. I don’t care if he pretends to be nervous at his E3 presentation and asks the audience if his fly is unzipped. These guys are jaded, heavy-weight execs from the upper-echelons of international corporate culture.
  • Big publically traded international businesses aren’t humble, arrogant, happy, or sad. They are inanimate unfeeling organizational entities. Their primary purpose is to make shareholders money. As peripheral benefits to society, they provide products to consumers that compete for their dollars and careers to their staff that compete for their talents.
  • The gaming hive mind as a whole is weak-minded, malleable, and easily impressionable. Companies spend so much resources on managing (manipulating) public opinion for a reason.
  • Fans and consumers should care about the actual end products and not some perceived personality that they’ve attached to the the corporate entities involved.
  • Flakao

    That’s true damn it!

  • Mike

    I miss the days of Kaz Hirai in the US, Phil Harrison in the UK, and Ed Fries speaking for Microsoft. Reeves, Tretton, and the miserable twit Aaron Greenberg make me want to vomit. Sad state of affairs.

  • M

    one caveat: big companies purpose isn’t to make shareholders money, its to enrich the executives with big salaries, bonuses, perks like fancy trips and plane rides, etc. Execs are only out for themselves.