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KZ2 Demo Impressions Redux |


I seem to have brought out the worst in a lot of people with my last post about what I thought of the Killzone 2 demo. So be it. If people are going to react that immaturely to my opinion on something, that’s up to them.

That said, I played the demo some more last night, and I have to say that the menu still annoys me! 🙂

The first time I played the demo, I went with the more CoD-ish control scheme, which I think is Alternate 2. It didn’t work so well. This time around, I went with their Standard scheme, and it works much better. (Duh, I guess.) It’ll take some getting used to, and I still miss crouch as a toggle (notwithstanding what people have said about it not really being a crouch). I also increased the turning speed a bit, and that helped too. My old brain is finally learning to adapt (I turn 40 today).

I spent some time in the warehouse just blowing stuff up. There are barrels and canisters that you can shoot. The barrels explode after just a few shots, but the canisters need more. Sometimes they get a puncture and spin around on the floor for a bit before busting their contents, which is a lot of fun. The explosive effects were great. Some cool flame and smoke effects are very satisfying to see.

There are little touches to the game that I enjoyed that I didn’t notice the first time around. While the melee attack is a bit slow to get into full swing, you can do several melees in a row pretty quickly, which is great. The grenades can be cooked, and you see little lights on the grenade that tell you how cooked they are before you let loose. I also like the yellow arc that shows the path of the grenade. Sometimes if you make a particularly good shot, your AI teammate will say “Great shot!”, which is fun.

This game is definitely slower paced than many other shooters. You have to take your time to find cover, shoot, duck (and heal), and repeat. I died a lot less this time around until I started playing with grenades and blowing things up. Then I died. 🙂 I think that my friend Steve will adapt to this game a lot better than me, because I am more of a run-and-gun type player.

What I am really looking forward to is the multiplayer. The MP beta videos at Gamersyde have really wet my appetite for some squad-based action. Medic? Saboteur? Tactician? I don’t know yet which class I’ll go for, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be Scout. I’m terrible at sniping. Take a look at the videos at Gamersyde and tell me which character classes interest you the most!

  • Gibb

    Happy Birthday man!! =)
    Rest assured, the MP part is incredibly fun!

  • Gibb

    GG really went deep into the details! This is what makes this game stand out above all others, the animations, the fysics, the environmental effects, the AI.. all very realistically!

  • At work, so I won’t be looking at any videos at the moment.

    But, happy birthday to you. 🙂

  • Watching the videos at Gamersyde you notice a couple things:

    Scouts have their view turn all cyan when they’re cloaked. When they move, they lose the cloak.

    Saboteurs have black edges around their view when they’re disguised. When disguised, you look just like an enemy with a randomly chose name (in green) and everything. I’m not sure, but I think that if a Saboteur shoots, they lose their disguise momentarily.

    An Engineer, of course, only has a set number of turrets he can create. But from what I understand, the number of turrets are shared amongst all the Engineers. So if you’re the only Engineer, I think you can create more.

    The medic gets a point for reviving someone, just as if he had killed an enemy. If the enemy shoots someone while waiting for revival, they can’t be revived. If you die and aren’t shot in this way, you have to wait about 8 seconds before respawning. There doesn’t seem to be a way to skip this and spawn immediately. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Gibb

    Also, if you target an enemy saboteur in disguise, you see his disguise malfunctioning.. pretty scary at moments =)

    As for the wounded sequence, you can’t skip this yourself. And you can’t skip the spawn timer.

  • jerryhat

    Happy Birthday Henning, as it happens I turned 40 on Tuesday.

  • Awesome, congrats back at ya!

    I don’t feel so old anymore…

  • jerryhat

    You young pup – by 3 days 🙂

  • Anybody know what kind of stats the game shows you after an online match? I love seeing my “accomplishments” after a match in Halo 3.

  • jwspiker

    henning, pick up some of these for your controllers i just don’t understand why sony designed the triggers this way, but think this will help:

  • Trieloth

    Happy B-Day Henning!! Your older than me? Strange.
    I had a feeling your first KZ2 imp. post would get crazy. You had to have know that was gonna happen.
    But anyhow once I adjusted the controls to exactly how I wanted it to be the game was very enjoyable. Theres adjustments other games dont let you do (for example adjusting speed for x and y axis). And yeah the menu is goofy but big woop. I cant wait for the full version! Game On!

  • Strange? Do I act younger than you? 🙂

    jwspiker: I have those! They’re great. They’re not available in Canada so Tosh helped me to get them.

  • wahnfried

    Henning, first of all Happy Birthday!

    I mostly agree with your review. The menu is really horrible and I’m not really satisfied wih the controls. I can also imagine the game will get confusing once in a while since I missed something like a map and a objective indicator…

  • Happy B-Day.. We are all young at heart when it comes to gaming..

    I really enjoyed killzone2 demo. It deserves every penny. Can’t wait to get on to both the campaign and the multiplayer.

  • I mean the full game deserves every penny 🙂

  • Jerry

    This demo Rocks. Are there any other Americans in here that have this demo? Happy Birthday!!!!

  • @Wahnfried: Another person on this blog, He’s named Brasil, told me that pressing up, on the D-pad would produce an arrow onscreen pointing to where you had to go next. This removes all the problems I had with the demo. So try it out again. 🙂

  • this game is awesome

  • David

    does anybody know if thre is a secondary fire on some of the weapon like in killzone 1 ?

  • Trev

    couldn’t agree more with your impression apart from the menus. i loved them :p

    felt the single player level was pretty standard affair. the controls are annoying as hell and not much difference between all the sets. so frustrating to not be able to aim with L1.. i just never got the hang of the controls and i don’t understand why you can’t map them yourself. every game should provide this.

    won’t be picking up the game full price but if it keeps getting good reviews i’ll look into it when its down to half. i loved the RE5 demo though!

  • wahnfried

    @Glitch: You’re right, works like a charm. Thanks!