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Burnout Paradise 1.6 Update |

So have any of you updated your Burnout to 1.6? Is the party pack worth the $9.99? Seeing how the game is only $20 on the PlayStation store (and what a deal!), the update is half the cost of the game now. Little pricey for the first paid DLC don’t ya think?

  • Hello,

    I have the 1.6 version but that update is free. Do you mean the party version? I have no friends that have burnout so I will skip that.

  • As mad as it may sound, I bought the Party Pack regardless of whether or not I ever use it. Criterion have given us a lot of major additional stuff for free over the past year, and in my view have gone about extra content the _right_ way, rather than charging for every little update like most others.

    For that reason alone, I was more than happy to buy this add-on in support of Criterion and their amazing support of the game.

  • Oh, sorry I got it mixed up. Ya I do agree they have given us a LOT of DLC for free. I don’t play the game as much anymore so I’ll wait for the next DLC.

  • Jose

    I picked up the 360 version on Gamefly. Now seeing the 1.6 update and the low price point I think I will be picking it up on the PS3 when I get home.