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Dead Rising 2 Coming to PS3! |

Capcom just announced Dead Rising 2 for PC/360/PS3. The first game launched as a 360 exclusive (it is about to be released on the Wii), and got pretty good reviews.

The sequel is being made by a different studio, Blue Castle Games (previously known for 2K sports titles), with some assistance from some of the original dev team.



  1. Ah, so that’s where the zombies from RE went!

  2. I can’t wait for a “true” zombie game to play on my ps3!

  3. Noice^^ Dead Rising was my most wanted 360 exclusive so far 😀

  4. A “true” zombie game?

    What’s wrong with Siren Blood Curse?

  5. Wish they would release DR1 on PSN or something. I guess I can track down a 360 copy but prefer to play the first installment first. Not that a game like this is story heavy but I hate playing games out of order lol.

  6. I own and played all the way through Siren, and i wouldn’t exactly call that zombies. That was more like some freaky witchcraft/voodoo type stuff goin on there. Dead Rising is straight up zombies trying to eat you! which i love ! 🙂 I’ll finally get to slay thousands of zombies on my ps3 ! YAY

  7. this game looks so good. zombies! in casinos! and you can run them over with a dirt-bike!

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