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Flower: First Reviews |

The first reviews (IGN, Joystiq, totalplaystation, Play UK)of the PSN exclusive Flower, are trickling in.

So far, this title is pulling in raves.

Honestly, this is surprsing. I’m skeptical for two reasons. The first is that the only other game from this developer is flOw, which was great for the early days of the PS3, but was really more of a stylish novelty than a great full-blown release.

The other big skepticisim is this (quoting Joystiq’s review):

The simplicity of Flower’s gameplay is already well-documented: tilt the controller and collect flower petals. In regards to the mechanics, there really is nothing more to say that hasn’t been said before.


I’d dare to say that most video gamers aren’t of the flower petal collecting variety. But even with an open mind and a secure sense of gender identity, how fun can that really be?

It’s very promising to hear that there are major surprises in the game that are intentionally witheld from preview coverage:

later levels introduce new gameplay mechanics and artistic elements to drastically change the mood.

The gameplay evolves into something more than simply collecting flowers.


There is a greater “good” and a greater “evil” — and the conflict that arises between the two becomes the driving force of a rollercoaster of emotions.

A rollercoaster of emotions? From collecting flower petals? OK, this game has definitely grabbed my attention. I am intrigued.



  • Trieloth

    ???…I predict that I will like this game and nobody else will, mainly cuz it dont have blood, guns, wheels, chicks and or is to simple.

  • mpz

    Got burnt by flow – the idea seemed sound but it just didn’t work, it isn’t a game, and it is just too boring. And it’s not even very well coded.

    Flower seems to fulfil most of the same qualities.

    So unless it is a random fit of spending, I don’t think i’ll bother.

  • Darrin

    If Flower is on the same level as flOw, in terms of innovation, technology, and end user experience, then it will be a complete disappointment. I expect much more from it on all three fronts.

    I know the game is short (you can rush through the main game in two hours), and I’m not expecting a full-budget, AAA production, but I am expecting a genuinely interesting and innovative experience and game design.

  • Trev

    not sold on this. think i will save my money for the big titles.

  • John

    Not really convinced by flOw either, which in the end turned out to be little more than a glorified PacMan with many elements missing.

  • Ian

    You guys are either set in your ways or are severely mentally handicapped. fl0w was a great game, but no where near the conventional gaming experience you guys have so heavily griped about in your comments.

    And a little girl in a tutu? Really? Whatever, man…

    The game is going to be excellent. Period.

  • mpz

    Mentally handicapped for having an opinion about a subjective topic that differs to yours? A little harsh I think. So you liked flow, go buy flower then, easy.

    I found flow dull and boring and badly coded – not much more than a tech demo. I tried to like it, I really did, I didn’t even have much else at the time, and it was so ‘unique’. But it was ultimately very disappointing and I felt burned by the experience, and intend voting with my dollars this time around.

    Then again, unlike tens of millions of earthly comrades, I think wii play is a crappy tech demo too … so maybe I am a spastic minda after all 🙂

  • ehandlr

    I’ll choose the path less traveled and pick this up. While flOw was just a novelty that I bought into…this game seems to have more pork to it. I don’t think it will as fulfilling as some like…but the simple ambiance and tranquil setting is enough to garner my attention (no i’m not a pot head or raver)

  • i’ll most likely get flower. i’m always interested in the off-the-beaten-path games. flOw may not have been the best game ever but i easily got my money’s worth from it in terms of entertainment.

  • Darrin

    Woah. I’m *really* excited about this title and I’m *definitely* buying this the second it hits the store. It sounds like it’s really gutsy, innovative cutting edge game design.

    On the other hand, I haven’t played it, and until I do I’m going to hold a healthy skepticism. Collecting flower petals sounds ridiculous and I’m going to joke about that (picture of tutu girl).

    flOw had some awesome aesthetics (particularly the sound), and it was easily worth more than it cost, but ultimately it was a very simple game, and it isn’t at the cutting edge of game design as it is often held. PixelJunk Eden on the other hand: that’s an artsy experimental-type game that I love.

  • I was’nt crazy about flOw but I gave it a shot and will probably do the same with this. I like to play outside of the big game titles. One of my favorites, as a little gamer with an N64 was Glover. I’m still waiting to find a game that’s as cool as that was.

  • Ian

    Sorry, mpz and co. I got caught up in the sea of my emotions… LOL

    Didn’t mean to offend.

  • ehandlr

    bought it…loved it. The game is fantastic.

  • Ian

    ^ Agreed! It’s a very powerful, moving game. I’m glad you like it!

  • wow. this game is a MUST PLAY.

    who knew?

  • This game is INCREDIBLE!
    seriously, best possible example for games as art.
    beautiful graphics blended with amazing sound woven directly into the gampelay, while telling an amazing silent story (there are no words, spoken or text).
    it’s weird, the only real comparison i can make is to Rez, Flower shares alot of the same idea’s as far as weaving gameplay into graphics and music, but ends up being almost it’s polar opposite.

    seriously, this game is a must play, scratch that it’s a must experience, you have not seen anything like this before.