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Games Night #6 – 11feb09 |

UPDATE 2: Yup, it all starts at 10pm EST. Unless you can meet in HOME beforehand, where people will start gather before 10.

UPDATE 1: Don’t forget that we’re meeting in HOME beforehand, for those of you in the club. Even those of you without Warhawk might like to drop by, in case there’s enough of you to start a different game. Don’t forget to bring your headsets and that you push R2 to talk. Those of you that are not members of the club that want to play, make sure that you have sent PSN friend invites to Tosh or me before 9:30PM EST, and make sure to mention games night.

Hey everyone. Time for my weekly games night post! Hurrah and hurray. First and foremost, thank-you to everyone who sent Birthday wishes. I am now wearing my nice new watch that I got (the picture doesn’t do it justice). Allison surprised me with a big party yesterday, which was nice.

Anyway. Games night. This week I thought we could give Warhawk another chance. Last time there weren’t that many of us, so I’m hoping for a better turnout this time. The only problem is that if I start the game, my connection only allows 8 people in the party. That shouldn’t be a problem, as the most we’ve ever had so far is 6, but you never know…

So I’m just wondering who might be interested in some Warhawk on Wednesday? Please don’t forget your headsets…

  • I’m in. I’ll do a test and see how many I people I could have in a Warhawk party.

  • Trieloth

    Iam in also and I do have the expansion packs if we where to try the jet pack madness.


    i dont have warhawk henning..i mean i could go buy it if need be but i hread it wasnt that great….either way count me in

  • I think it’s fun. The guys I have games night with think it’s fun too. It has a metacritic score of 84. That doesn’t sound too bad to me.

  • I have all the latest Warhawk expansion packs as well .. I think.

  • Trev

    happy birthday henning!

    don’t own warhawk 🙁 we should arrange a euro friendly night soon!

  • Sinlock

    I’m game for what ever type of WH matchs you set up.

    Just keep in mind that anyone who dosn’t have the expantion packs will have to sit out that match and would likely leave the game.

    Also Warhawk’s headset support is a bit dodgey. So it might be best to disable ALL Open Mic when you set up the game.

    Anyone planing to play and needing one of the hard to get Tropies send me a message of what you need to my PSN inbox.

  • Trev, you or Tosh will have to organize a Euro-friendly gaming session. With kids, I can’t play during the day.


    Sorry guys I don’t have Warhawk. I hope you guys have fun and hopefully I can play next week.

  • Pc

    Well, i guess i won’t be playing this time around since i sold my copy of Warhawk a while back 🙁 I have Burnout Paradise, COD: WAW, FarCry 2, GTAIV, R2, and also MGS4. Those are just the few that i know we could all play together online.

  • Be sure to update your home to 1.10 before hand. I tried game launching in Home last night and it worked. I can have 24 in a game on my bandwidth. Everyone still come to the Home Club you may be able to split off with someone else that doesn’t have Warhawk.

  • Sinlock

    I’m guessing 10PM EST.

    See you all there. Happy hunting!