Killzone 2 – King of light sources

The lighting in the game is truly astonishing. Muzzle flash casts light. Even the Helghast’s eyes cast light like a regular light source.

In a previous video interview, Killzone 2 development director Arjan Brussee demonstrated a scene featuring 230 different light sources, including multiple lights on flying sentry bots.

I thought that number was the game’s pinnacle; however, in a highly recommended
3DWorld Magazine feature (available in UK shops now), it’s revealed that there are an incredible 350 light sources in one Killzone 2 scene.

Wow, 350 is very impressive. Can’t wait to see this in person 🙂

The most light sources in one Killzone 2 scene is…

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  1. #1 by James on February 10th, 2009

    cool beans. Hopefully they can continue the KZ universe for a third KZ game (outside of liberation). Possibly a prequel? A civil war or something? Possibly from a helghan perspective?

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