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January 2009 Hardware Sales |


The PS3 really should be doing better based on the strength of their recent software launches, but not too bad. They’ve got a string of great software hitting in early 2009, so hopefully these numbers pick up.

  • the xbox 360’s lower price point is really helping it. i wonder how its numbers break down among the different SKUs.

  • Mike

    I think I say this every month but…

    “The PS3 really should be doing better based on the strength of their recent software launches”

    Software IS NOT going to do it for them. They have to drop the price. In fact I’d say the hardware pricing is keeping games from selling what they actually deserve to. Of course the argument is going to be that they can’t afford to take the hit on the hardware, but how can they afford to keep spending money on games that will not sell what they should with the current hardware pricing?

    The $199.99 360 is probably the best thing to happen to third parties in a while because making a good Wii game isn’t much of a sure thing in sales if people simply don’t care about the quality of the products they are buying.

  • Shouldn’t the 360 be selling tons more?

  • I mean the PS3 is 2x as much and the 360 only outsold it by 100k? I don’t think the price is that big of a problem. It is a problem for some I’m sure. If Killzone 2 doesn’t push hardware sells it’ll be only Sony’s fault for lack of advertisement in the US.

  • Gibb

    Looking forward to February numbers…

  • Maybe the 360 should be selling more, but I think it’s irrelevant. The PS3 has to at least match the 360’s sales – it can’t afford to keep falling behind week by week, month by month.

    It’s obvious that Sony is placing being profitable above market share. But it would be nice to see some advertising on TV.

  • mcloki

    It’s January. One month after Christmas. Who has money? Sony will drop the price of the 360 when developers start telling Sony explicitly that they are going to delay the launch of their PS3 port till after the price drop. The reason the devs will do this is to give their game a better chance at sales in a bigger market. Sony is in a world of hurt. It’s their own fault, and now the economy is going to hurt them for the entire year. And next Christmas is going to look grim for them unless they can pull a God of War and a Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo out of their bag. MS will drop their price again.

  • Trieloth

    Sweet the 360 STILL NOT selling well in japan even though they have all the JRPG’s. 🙂 (Come on square needs to bring those games to the PS3 if they want to make some money back). Sorry but PS3 ARE selling arnt they? If it would have been half of what the 360 did then I MIGHT worry.

  • Don’t count on Enix for anything on the PS3 Trieloth. Wada’s already claiming a delay in Dragon Quest for the DS will cause a delay in FFXIII’s release.

  • Trieloth

    what? delay? please NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo