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New God Of War III Trailer |

Wow, very intense. All real time too, and no loading time either. Looks fun 😀

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IGN: Large-scale puzzle sequences could get people lost because of the scale of the game. How do you keep people focused?

Stig: I’ve never seen anyone else work on this kind of scale. Because of that, we don’t have anything to refer to. We don’t plan on something where you go to a marker and get a hint. We want to design it so that it has a flow, and we won’t have to drop hints. We also do extensive play testing. Working on these Titans is tough. When we first started we realized we’re doing something we’ve never done before. When you’re on these titans, it doesn’t change how Kratos handles –he can still pull cranks and ride Cyclopes and fight bosses.

G4: When you’re on the titan, how does his movement affect gameplay. Will that affect gameplay?

Stig: Perhaps. [laughter]

God of War III! Press Event Q&A and New Trailer

Side note:

Who else thinks the “Only on PlayStation 3” part of the trailer should replace the current animation before PS3 games start? 🙂

  • Flakao

    Amazing trailer!! can’t wait!

  • Amazing trailer is amazing, as they say elsewhere. I have not played the first two installments, but I only heard good things about them. This will be day 1 order for me, as I love my PS3, and I respect its exclusives 🙂

    You’re right, only on ps3 should always be at the beginning..

  • I loved all the other God of War games, even the PSP one. I bet you can get them pretty cheap now.

  • Sinlock

    Just showed the PS3 edition in 1080P to the wife, Shes played it about 10 times now. Now she’s started playing GoW2 all over again.

  • Your wife plays GoW? You lucky you.. The most hardcore game my wife plays is mahjong.

  • ehandlr

    My wife plays FFXI.

    I’ve never been a fan of GOW. Looks good but I guess not my thing.

  • mcloki

    Great Idea Tosh about the “exclusively on PS3” Sony’s got an arsenal of first party games coming out and they should be reminding everyone that the games are only on PS3. Gets into a bit of a pissing contest with MS but could still work.

  • Ace trailer! A definite buy for me! 😀

  • this will be awesome.

    watching the trailer makes me want to get GoW for my PSP actually 🙂

  • The PSP version was fun 🙂

  • Trev

    this trailer makes me all giddy. i may also go back to GoW II to remind myself of the story.

  • I’ll tempted to replay GOW II

    SPOILER ..


    The ending of GOW 2 continues with the GOW 3 trailer 😀

  • YoDaddy

    uh speachless…. I need to change my underwear…..

  • Sinlock

    Emrah: “Your wife plays GoW? You lucky you.. The most hardcore game my wife plays is mahjong.”

    She was the one who got me back into consle gaming when I met her, before then the last system I had was a N64.
    I was a PC gamer spending $$$ each year to keep my system up to date. I still play tons of my legecy games, but I havn’t bought a AAA PC title in about 2 years. I have lots of extra money that she’s happy to spend…..Hey wait a second…..I’ve been duped!!!

    GoW:CoO Holds its own with the other games. Great story, Looks, Sound, and a very nice “Special” mini game.

  • Sinlock

    I’ll also admit. At first I needed to have her get me past those cheap Blades of Death in GoW1.

  • James


    this game is going to own. Sony, IMO, always had the best exclusives. GoW is one of the greatest series. I still remember when I got the demo in the mail from Underground before the first one came out. I was simply amazed. That hydra battle was epic

  • @sinlock, that’s really cool 🙂

  • chills down my spine