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Does PS3 need it’s own “App Store”? |

Apple iPhone’s application store is notorious. Every other smart phone vendor either has an app store or has public plans to launch such a store.

The core idea is simple: a centralized hub for a diverse selection of third-party developed applications for all kinds of niche uses.

Obviously, the PS3 has a store, but it’s only for games and video content and only features Sony sanctioned content.

Imagine all kinds of custom apps that could be offered.

  • Integration with non-Sony music stores such as iTunes and Amazon.
  • Integration with non-Sony video stores such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.
  • Media hub enhancements. DVD ripping, better codec support
  • Native IM and telephony clients.
  • Custom web browser based on Firefox or WebKit
  • Native clients to access Zoho or Google Docs, so it’s more practical to do cloud word processing or spreadsheet work with a USB keyboard + mouse.
  • Photo editor, high quality text editor, and other staple PC apps that could make the PS3 a more capable web PC.

So what do you think? Great idea? Would Sony ever do this or would this jeopardize Sony control over the platform?

  • mpz

    I agree it would be a good idea for consumers. But they wont do it.

    They sell developer access as a premium product to a closed platform. If you diluted that, or made it accessible to more people it would dilute the value of their investment.

    There is also security concerns – the ps3 hasn’t been hacked yet because of it’s design – would such a system compromise this security?

    And finally there’s probably just a lack of resources. Such a facility would require significant code, a massive expansion in developer relations and product approval teams, and so forth. They do already have significant infrastructure in place, but this is really a whole new level.

    A SIP based VOIP phone would be damn nice though :-/

  • I think that’s great idea. Would it happen, probably not. But we can pray.

  • James

    it’d be cool except for the licensing nightmare that would ensue. Some of those should be implimented though. The Firefox browser for instance, wouldn’t be nearly as big of a licensing battle as, say, DVD ripping. As far as computer-like apps, it kind of takes more focus away from a gaming system and more like a computer. PS3 doesnt need a lot of those things.

  • No chance in hell will this happen (sadly).

    Mobile Phones are different from the get go. Owning a Windows Mobile Cellphone, I can install software on it without any means of cracking (unlike the iPhone), because it was designed to do so. There basically are NO risks whatsoever and the baseband (GSM part of the FW) is locked away in a non-writable part of the ROM.

    The iPhone is a special case. It basically is a console in the mobile phone world. Only approved apps make it to the store (just like Sony), and there we have our first problem already. Apple doesn’t allow MANY different apps, because of their simple-mindedness. This is why Cydia was created, to open up the hardware to allow them to do anything the user wishes. Guess what, the same WILL happen, if that happened to the PS3 (well, they already are happy at trying to hack a PS3 mind you, because it already is the case, that you can’t run your software natively on the PS3).

    The rest (usual apps etc.) can EASILY be done via Linux. I run YDL 6.1 on my PS3 and I am a happy camper. With the new option to use the GPUs RAM as swap, it got SO much faster and YDL itself got a bit better too (I am a Ubuntu user myself, so I needed to get used to the Redhat architecture). You have everything you need, Webbrowser, DVD ripper, SNES and PS1 Emulators, Open Office… basically ANYTHING opensource on Linux… because, if it isn’t there, you just compile it (Ok, this is quite complex work, but you learn it by doing it). Dosbox works charmingly, so playing your old Dos games now works too!!

    What Sony should do, is making YDL available via the Playstation Store! S anyone can easily download and install it (yeah, this would need serious framework changes on PS3, doubt it’ll ever happen). Just refine YDL further, so that every noob with “Windows only” mentalities can use it (yeah, I am a fighter for Linux :D).

  • This would not happen ever. They are already very gratious for letting linux run on it. What they could do would be to legitimatize the java execution (currently done in a hackish way), which would lead to lots of casual games being run on their system, which would directly compete with their own store.

  • Sinlock

    Most sound like good ideas if not some being a little nitch…. But we know it will never happen. Hell give me a better Web Broswer and in-system iPod support.

  • mcloki

    I think they would have to really change the OS for this to happen. If Sony switched over to LINUX as thier base OS then this could happen. There’s a lot of computer infrastructure to implement a store that needs to be there.
    It is a good idea. And the PSN does sort of do what you’re asking. Apple only allows Apple sanctioned apps, Notice they don’t allow third party browsers or music stores. Let’s see how the Android store handles it.
    The best way to get a good browser on the PSN is to start a web site demanding a better PSN browser Ask for donations and hand that money off to the developer. If there are enough people and money in the kitty to develop a PSN browser you’ll get people interested in building one.

  • * Custom web browser based on Firefox or WebKit

    If anything I would welcome that the most! I was browsing some video sites yesterday, it was sooo slow …

  • Darrin

    Sony would probably be happy with some of this.

    PSP has a native Skype client (where is PS3 version?)
    PS3 has a beta native YouTube client.

    Sony doesn’t even offer their own music store, so why not integrate with iTunes/Amazon? Also, why not integrate with Netflix or one of their competitors like Hulu/Amazon?

    I don’t think Linux is necessary. Plenty of smart phones have wide app support without Linux (Nokia) or just a Linux-derived micro-kernel (Google Android + Palm’s WebOS)

  • mcloki

    I think the reverse would be better for Sony. Build a blueray drive and video card that turns your PC into a PS3. Share the BR Drive with your computer. The controllers would fit into any USB slot or Bluetooth device. Use the computer monitor as an output device.
    I’m surprised that the 360 doesn’t go this way. Unification of the models. Developers would be happy.

  • Darrin

    It should go both ways: more game functions should be added to PCs and smart phones and more productivity and communications functions should be added to consoles.

    Microsoft is in a much better position to add gaming software to PCs: they already own the dominant PC OS along with the majority of technologies and standards that run on Windows PCs and they own most of the development tool chain as well. Also, the 360 has more PC-like hardware.

    Sony, OTOH, has much more to gain from growing the PS3 into a full blown web PC. The hardware is definitely there and this wouldn’t compete with any other Sony products.

  • If the PSP had one, there would be a lot more PSPs sold and Sony would be in a lot better position.
    There are probably still more homebrew apps for the PSP than apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

  • Darrin

    Anything worth checking out? I haven’t tried any homebrew or custom apps on PSP… just official game software…