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Killzone 2 Home Support |

It would be disappointing if Killzone 2 didn’t have at least Home Game Launching support at launch. It’s not like they haven’t have time to work on it. But going off this interview it seems like it might be patched in later. At least they have costumes for Home which is good.

Here is part of the interview, sorry if it doesn’t make sense, it’s translated from Dutch.

One of the questions submitted via the forum was a question about Home support. Although he gave few details, said that they Arjan on Guerrilla Games about it and that it is probable that Killzone 2 Home will support. Home support could come in the form of a patch after release. Arjan gave himself that this is probably still a few months will continue. The content of Killzone 2, Home will be found, no concrete decision. Arjan said, “that some of that nice videos in Home will support. Whether there is a special space is Killzone 2 from Guerrilla Games is not clear, but you will find on the screens in Home soon probably find videos of Killzone 2.

Home support for Killzone 2 ‘likely’

  • I expect Home support day one. I expect them to have game launching day one.

    I see them expanding support over time, though.

  • bee

    well i mean it states it on the back of the killzone 2 box about home so i was atleast expecting a game launching for kz2. i read that it you mentioned there are costumes in home for kz2 are these unloackables from the game or what?

  • The home costumes are a pre-order bonus from Amazon. I just got my code for it this morning actually.