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NOBY NOBY BOY out today |

I didn’t really follow this game much. I watched a few gameplay videos and it’s uhhhh different. Check it out for yourself. More details about the game here. You can upload gameplay videos to youtube, which is a great feature. And check out this unique feature:

With Noby Noby Boy, you can send a message to other players while playing without going to the XMB, and the received messages are displayed on the body of Boy. Checking the game spec, I sent a message requesting approval to add a friend and my request was accepted instantly, and I received a message. Below is an image of the message shown on Boy’s body.

Noby Noby Boy’s theme – Catchy tune, lol.

Some Gameplay that someone uploaded

Official Video

Will you pick this oddity up?

  • Pc

    I’m gonna pick it up because it’s soooo crazy and also cheap! I love games that are different 🙂

  • Let us know how it is. It’s only $5 right?

  • Darrin

    Looks (disappointingly) almost exactly like Katamari Damacy: The world, the stuff in the world, the distinct art style are all identical.

    Rather than rolling a ball around and growing a ball, you snake this snakey thing around and grow your snake.

    It’s also budget priced which is almost a vote of non-confidence.

  • I am tired of everygame costing 9.99. The pricing on noby noby boy is better for all of us. I mean, bejewelled 2 costs 9.99, and they absolutely did not even care to upgrade the visuals to 1080p, the menu was low-res! If bejewelled costs 9.99, super stardust should cost at least 52.74 usd.

  • Matt

    “Looks (disappointingly) almost exactly like Katamari Damacy: The world, the stuff in the world, the distinct art style are all identical.”

    I couldn’t tell from your comment, but are you aware that it was created by the same person who created “Katamari Damacy”? I do like the sounds used in the game, I am curious what the stretching noise would sound like on my home theater’s subwoofer.

  • Darrin

    I totally know it’s the same guy from Katamari, but he complained that Namco was just milking Katamari and wouldn’t risk letting him do something different. Now he got a lengthy development period to do something new and it’s mostly the same thing.

    I was expecting a completely different zany concept or at least something much better… This just looks like a spin on the exact same thing.

  • mpz

    Hm, I dunno what the hell it is, but its not katamari damacy. There are some superficial similarities with the graphics, but that’s about it.

    KD has simple mechanics – roll stuff up, you can only roll stuff up you’re big enough to roll up. When you get bigger the whole screen scale changes.

    After watching a few videos I still have no idea how the hell this works – certainly no obvious cause and effect to the size of the boy. Eating things doesn’t seem to do much, is it about destruction or chaos?

  • i bought it and it’s definitely nothing like katamari damacy. however, i am really really confused. i’m not sure how i’m supposed to ‘contribute’ my length to the global effort…

  • Noby_Knows

    Ok in this game there is no real goal to acheive accept to have fun. As you stretch and grow your BOY the points accumulate and then are added to everyone elses which in turn Stretches GIRL who is attempting to reach all nine planets in the solar system once she reaches one u can then go to it!