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PS3 still the best console for Tekken 6 |


Tekken has been with PlayStation since the beginning. I even played Tekken 1 at the arcades. So I’m a die hard Tekken fan. I was a little saddened to see Tekken 6 being released on the 360, but not really surprised either. But I’m happy to see that the PlayStation 3 is still the lead platform.

“The game was programmed on PS3 architecture and specifically designed to make full use of the Cell’s SPU. So it’s going to be a big challenge to bring the game to the Xbox 360,” Harada said. Tekken 6 capitalizes on the PS3’s power, and by capitalize, I mean running on 60fps.

“After releasing Tekken 6 in the arcades, we developed an updated version called Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. When we developed the update, we overhauled the graphic engine and created new shaders,” he said.

I’ve talked to a couple friends that have played Tekken 6 at the arcades and they are both amazed by it. Graphically and gameplay. The arcades in my state are horrible, we don’t even have Tekken 5 DR anymore!

There are also rumors of Sony trying to snag exclusive DLC for Tekken 6. I hope that’s true. Tekken owes it’s success to the PlayStation brand. No word on what the DLC might be.

  • Killer_pwned89

    I really hope sony can snag the exclusive DLC for the ps3 they deserve it. Im still suprised this game is comeing to the 360.Seeing how it will use the full power of the ps3`s cpu and running at a amazing 60FPS a sec.It makes me think that the 360 version isent gonna run as well since the core development is based on the ps3 but more power to them this is all just like Final fantasy XIII and im proud of what these developers are doing with the ps3 cuz its a hard time now to develope games for just one console and make a really good profit out of it. So people gotta understand that is one of the main reasons alot of games arent staying exclusive its just to expansive to make games and the developers need to make the money to go on and make more.

  • D.O.

    Why are you sad that its also going to the 360 if you’re such a tekken fan then you shouldn’t worry it’s still coming to the PS3 and a tekken fan would want it to branch out further as well.

  • DOOMtrooper

    they will both (ff13 and tekken6) look and run the same on both consoles… just like any other multiplatform game… sure there might be those minor graphical differences for those who want to nitpick..

    and about dlc? well what do you think it’ll be? costumes right? maybe a character or two like the yoda/vader SC4 scam… not many people really care about that.. why get stupid costumes with the points when you can buy new games?

  • astronautbread

    tekken fans are sad that the 360 is getting the game because:

    big tekken fans most likely already bought a ps3. (for DR, etc.)
    360 development is atleast partially responsible for the 2 year lapse between arcade and home versions of the game.
    why would anyone want to play tekken on a 360 controller? (sloppy d-pad and slippery face buttons are not good for fighting games.)

    i’d say the game easily sells 2-1 in favor of ps3

  • Pfft, I don’t use a controller for Tekken … ever! Arcade stick for me since Tekken 2.

  • DOOMtrooper


    you are right about the d-pad… but i don’t think the ps3 version will sell more than the 360 version (well apart from japan).. look at SC-IV.. it sold slightly better on the 360 because of the bigger install base..

  • balzebub

    i doubt it will use the full power its a bit of hype

  • dhst

    @ DOOMtrooper

    Atm PS3 version of the game is selling better even though ppl says it has worse graphs (something with resolution). Please check what you’re writing in the future 🙂

  • dhst

    @ DOOMtrooper

    Atm PS3 version of the game is selling better even though ppl says it has worse graphs (something with resolution). Please check what you’re writing in the future:)

  • DOOMtrooper


    lol and please read more carefully in the future ;P .. i said SC IV.. not SF4.. soul calibur 4 being another namco game sold slightly better on the 360.. i got the sales numbers from the vgcharts site…

    also these graphics comparison are a joke imo.. i mean unless you smash your face on the screen or unless you have a 60″ tv.. i doubt you’ll notice these differences…
    seriously multiplat games look THE SAME on both consoles this gen.. so far there isn’t a huge difference in graphics like there was between xb1 and ps2…

  • duffman

    about time tekken went to another console i havent played a decent version on any playstation console yet maybe this time it will be different

  • I’m so tired of watching YouTube Videos of T6.

    I want to play some next gen Sergei on my PS3. 🙁