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PS3/360/Wii Gamerbase |

Nielsen Media Research did some research on the age groups of the people that own gaming consoles. This is how it breaks down:

  • PS3 has the oldest gamerbase, with the highest usage from the 18-24 age group.
  • Gamers who owned one or both of these consoles in their youth may have ‘graduated’ to the PS3 in their assumed adulthood.

  • Xbox 360 attracts a slightly younger base, with more male gamers falling in the 12-17 age group.
  • Wii is popular in boys age 6-11, and women age 25-34.

Does that seem correct to you? The PS3 age group seems accurate with the people that I know that have them. The 360 about right, but I do know some older people that have 360’s. The Wii is mixed as well. But most of the people I know that have Wii’s fit into that group. But my wife hates the idea the Wii, lol.

More details in the link below.

Report: PS3 has oldest gamers, Wii has youngest

  • Dunno. All the people that I know are old. 🙂

  • Wii is popular for women age 25-34?

    Well I’m a woman in that age group and not interested in the Wii at all. I guess I’m a statistic.

  • Darrin

    PS3 is a better deal when counting “extras” like HDD + WiFi + online charges + Blu-Ray
    360 is a better deal for gift givers who really don’t care about that stuff

    Also, 360 is more of a fad among kids who buy the hot thing that others are buying.

    Wow, flea, we actually have a female visitor? Now that is a surprise.

  • 26 and counting 😀

    My PS3 owning friends are all my age, so we actually raise the average!

  • Actually, Tosh, We can’t really answer your question. Because we know only a few people compared to the number of people interviewed for the poll, or so I assume. So it doesn’t really matter, what the people I know are owning and playing, because they are only a smalle percentage at most.

    But I guess some of the reasons why the “older” people own a PS3 according to the poll is that:

    1. They can afford it whereas the average teenager might not have the funds.


    2. The “older” people were younger once and might have had a PS2 or PS1 and have chosen to buy Sony this time as well.

    I myself fall into both categories and falls into the “older” people group.

  • James

    im a couple weeks from 23, own all 3 and my PS3 gets more use than any other. xbox live is full of annoying 12 year olds who think swearing all the time is cool

  • Male, 30

    PS3 is my favourite and gets daily use (mostly due to PlayTV) – by far the best
    360 only really gets used to stream stuff from the PC to big TV
    Wii gets used when friends are around for a few beers
    DS gets used when going on holiday
    PSP gets used when I want to stream TV from work

    Below does not count online ‘friends’
    I only know two people with the PS3 – both male aged 30ish
    I know two people with 360, both male, one is 18, the other 32
    I know 2 people with Wii – one male aged 33 (with partner and child so they play also) and one female aged 36
    I know 3 people with DS, 2 female aged 26 and 34, the other male aged 31
    I know noone else with a PSP.