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PS3/360/Wii Gamerbase |

Nielsen Media Research did some research on the age groups of the people that own gaming consoles. This is how it breaks down:

  • PS3 has the oldest gamerbase, with the highest usage from the 18-24 age group.
  • Gamers who owned one or both of these consoles in their youth may have ‘graduated’ to the PS3 in their assumed adulthood.

  • Xbox 360 attracts a slightly younger base, with more male gamers falling in the 12-17 age group.
  • Wii is popular in boys age 6-11, and women age 25-34.

Does that seem correct to you? The PS3 age group seems accurate with the people that I know that have them. The 360 about right, but I do know some older people that have 360’s. The Wii is mixed as well. But most of the people I know that have Wii’s fit into that group. But my wife hates the idea the Wii, lol.

More details in the link below.

Report: PS3 has oldest gamers, Wii has youngest


  1. Dunno. All the people that I know are old. 🙂

  2. Wii is popular for women age 25-34?

    Well I’m a woman in that age group and not interested in the Wii at all. I guess I’m a statistic.

  3. PS3 is a better deal when counting “extras” like HDD + WiFi + online charges + Blu-Ray
    360 is a better deal for gift givers who really don’t care about that stuff

    Also, 360 is more of a fad among kids who buy the hot thing that others are buying.

    Wow, flea, we actually have a female visitor? Now that is a surprise.

  4. 26 and counting 😀

    My PS3 owning friends are all my age, so we actually raise the average!

  5. Actually, Tosh, We can’t really answer your question. Because we know only a few people compared to the number of people interviewed for the poll, or so I assume. So it doesn’t really matter, what the people I know are owning and playing, because they are only a smalle percentage at most.

    But I guess some of the reasons why the “older” people own a PS3 according to the poll is that:

    1. They can afford it whereas the average teenager might not have the funds.


    2. The “older” people were younger once and might have had a PS2 or PS1 and have chosen to buy Sony this time as well.

    I myself fall into both categories and falls into the “older” people group.

  6. im a couple weeks from 23, own all 3 and my PS3 gets more use than any other. xbox live is full of annoying 12 year olds who think swearing all the time is cool

  7. Male, 30

    PS3 is my favourite and gets daily use (mostly due to PlayTV) – by far the best
    360 only really gets used to stream stuff from the PC to big TV
    Wii gets used when friends are around for a few beers
    DS gets used when going on holiday
    PSP gets used when I want to stream TV from work

    Below does not count online ‘friends’
    I only know two people with the PS3 – both male aged 30ish
    I know two people with 360, both male, one is 18, the other 32
    I know 2 people with Wii – one male aged 33 (with partner and child so they play also) and one female aged 36
    I know 3 people with DS, 2 female aged 26 and 34, the other male aged 31
    I know noone else with a PSP.

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