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Games Night #9 – 27feb09 – KZ2! |

Games Night #9

This week is special, and we all know why. Killzone 2! The game comes out tomorrow, and I hope that my local EBGames actually has it tomorrow (sometimes us Canadians are forgotten). So if I actually have the game, I’ll be playing it tomorrow night, as I’m sure most of you will be. Look me up, and we can play together. [UPDATE: EBGames called and yes I’ll have the game Friday night.]

Speaking of which – please go to and log in using your PSN id. Then you can go to my profile, click on my name, and add me as a friend. For some reason KZ2 has its own friend system. Though I don’t know if the friends on has any in-game correlation. Anyone from Europe care to comment?

Next week, we’ll continue our weekly Wednesday games night as always, but we’ll be playing … you guessed it … Killzone 2! So if I don’t see you tomorrow night, hopefully I’ll see you Wednesday.

Who’s up for it?

Games Night #8 Redux

Last night Trieloth, HEAD_SHOTT, and I played some Burnout Paradise. HEAD_SHOTT had to do a massive Burnout update first, so he joined us after a bit. He Trieloth also brought some friends with him so we were about six people laying rubber on the streets of Paradise City. I had a blast and earned a trophy in the process. This game really is a lot of fun and doesn’t get enough press.

I had bought the KITT car, because I was a big Knight Rider fan as a kid. (Don’t get me started on the recent remake – what trash!) Man that car is fast! One of the challenges was to boost for 10 seconds. I had to use the brake a lot while boosting, or the car would have broken the earth’s gravitic field!


  1. Getting KZ2 this week, so I’d be up for a Euro game night if someone wants to organise one. I’m far too lazy to get one set up 🙂

  2. teflon6678

    Ditto. Dunno if Id be able to though, cos the TV is usually being used of an evening…

  3. Trieloth

    Hey those where my freinds, lol. Anyways it was fun, and Iam looken forward to next time. The only time I see my Euro buddies is during the weekend so we should during that time..possibly.

  4. Eric--HEAD_SHOTT

    I’ll have Killzone tomorrow so I’ll probably be playing all day.

  5. I’ll be on later. Wife is having guests over tonight …..

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