This trailer is on the Japanese PlayStation store now. I’d imagine it will be on the other PS Stores later today. Love the trailer, lol. So I guess you can “stun” people as girl now? Maybe that’s a new skill? The new CQC looks cool. Can’t wait to try all this new stuff out!

If any of you need help getting started in MGO let me know. My MGO name is xBerserker.

-New Maps:
Hazard House, a mansion type map.
Outer Outlet, a mall/store type map.
Ravaged Riverfront, eastern europe

New Unique Characters:
-Raiden (can deflect bullets, use his HF blade, spin kick everyone around him, go up ledges faster, and slit throats)
-Vamp (can throw knives, go up ledges faster and be revived?)

New Possible Mode:
-Frogs Vs Raiden?

New Gear:
-Cardboard box hat (for people who pre-order SCENE)
-Tiger, Leopard, and Aqua camo
-Frog suit
-Fedora hat
-White gloves, beret, fleece.
-Bra/Bikini (Female characters only)
-Grenade chest belt
-The Resistance henchmen clothing
-Bunny hat
-Red pants
-New long sleeve sweater/jacket
-Jason masks

New Weapon:

New Skills:
-CQC Counter?

-Snake holding Patrtiot and Kerotan.

Written by: T0SH - Cofounder of

  1. #1 by Fleakitten on February 26th, 2009

    Saving my free character slot for Raiden! I refuse to pay an extra 6 bucks to buy a new slot.

  2. #2 by Tosh Hatch on February 26th, 2009 [ 1127 Points ]

    You can’t pick Raiden or Vamp. I think it’s the same as the other special characters. Just random.

  3. #3 by Fleakitten on February 26th, 2009

    Awh..that sucks!

  4. #4 by Tosh Hatch on February 26th, 2009 [ 1127 Points ]

    If you create your own game, your the special character by default so that way you can at least practice with them a little. We could create a private match if you want and have a vamp vs raiden match 😛

  5. #5 by Fleakitten on February 27th, 2009

    Sounds cool. 🙂

  6. #6 by freesonypsp on June 18th, 2009

    This looks wicked!

  7. #7 by gamebreaker842 on January 2nd, 2010

    3 more countries (lithuania latvis and malta) going to b allowed to expansion packs in jan 2010. more fun

  8. #8 by solidsnake109 on January 2nd, 2010

    thats great cos its not fair for other players to not have the full online game. good move konami

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