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I’ve Played KZ2 Online! |

EBGames called last night to say that KZ2 was in and that I could pick it up today. So I did exactly that. Unfortunately, while I work at home, I do have responsibilities. So I played two quick games (that weren’t very full of people) and now I’m back to work. Well, except for the fact that I’m typing this.

Want to know what impressed me the most? My shadow! I walked past a light on the wall and I saw my shadow on the ground turn from my side to go in front of me, just like a real shadow. I know it sounds like a small thing, but for some reason or other, it really impressed me!

I don’t know the maps at all, and since there were only about ten people in the game, it took a while to find the bad guys. But I managed to kill two right off the bat. Hopefully this portends things to come! I was ISA, and we won the round, so I got a score multiplier to boot! I also got the “Body Count Specialist” ribbon, which was a nice bonus. Check out my stats here.

Annoying things? Yeah, the menus still annoyed me. I’m going to have to get used to them. I didn’t much like the bobbing up and down as my character walked. But such is life, I guess I’ll get used to it.

  • I noticed the shadow in the demo too, I always love the tiny details in games. Hopefully I’ll be online tonight.

  • The headbob! I love it.. Without it, I feel like I am controlling a floating gun, and that is one of the more important reasons I didn’t buy Resistance 2. I literally hated the way my character moved in Resistance 1.

    The self shadow also goes a long way to immerse you into the game, it displays your presence in the game, and sometimes you are alerted by your own shadow, nice for giggles.. Too bad that you can’t see your own body, like you can in fear or some other games. Also, it is always good to know if my shadow extends outside of a structure, that would give myself away. In COD4, you couldn’t see your own shadow, and it created problems for me, at least.

    I cannot wait for two weeks… ARGH..

  • Why do you have to wait for 2 weeks?

  • It was posted using snail mail from playasia, I had to choose the cheapest method of transfer (oh, the economy). Now it could be as short as 7 days, it could be as long as 20 days. Murphy’s laws dictates it should take longer than 15 days..

  • teflon6678

    Yup, theyve put quite a few lights through the game which cast your shadow in such stark highligh against the floor or wall or whatever and it always catches my eye and makes me think “wow”.

    Another thing that impresses me is how busy the games can be (Im on the EU servers, which are choc-a-block) to the extent that parts of the maps just arent big enough. The choke points really choke it down and encourage you to run off and find a route to flank the enemy, which really rewards you when you do. The slower movement and turning and people not seeing you standing behind them all adding up to some pretty decent combos.

    Of course, when the other team is playing better than yours, they can very easily bottle you up inside your own base and keep you there for a long long time.

    My longest run of kills is 8 at the moment, but most of the time Im only just managing to stay 1 for 1 kill to death. Still better than most.

  • Jerry

    Yup im Pumped. My girlfriend just texted me while im here at work. She told me she left the game under my pillow so my roommates would spoil it, and start playing without me. Yeah I know shes the best.

  • “so my roommates wouldn’t spoil” ? 🙂

  • Nazo

    The menus are really annoying, I thought maybe something had been cut out of the demo which was why they did that, I’m baffled why it still occurs in the full version.
    Also disappointed to see it doesn’t render in full pal standard def, I really need to buy a new TV. Other than that, awesome so far 🙂

  • Jerry


    You are correct. Sorry about that. Anyway my PSN ID: Is Lordincubus. Ad me i have no mic though.

  • Went home for lunch, so I just played for 30 mins, but …. my god! That was fun 😀 Got 3 ribbons, and earned enough points to create a squad from only my first round online!

  • Trev

    i wish i had it. spent all my money on street fighter…


    NOOOOOOOOOO. My PS3 died today. Naturally I’ve been crying in a corner all day. So I’ll send it in and hopefully get it back soon. Back to the PS2.

  • Trev

    that’s lame eric! it’ll prob take the best part of a month for them to sort all that out 🙁

    play some GoWII and shadow of the colossus 😉


    lol thanks man

  • I hate you 🙁

    My copy wasn’t in the mail when i got home yesterday… my wife’s new stamps were… dammit 🙁

    It’ll be here on Monday, which is a real shame, I have no time in the coming week 🙁