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Misnomer of the Year: Digital Distribution |

I’m not the first person to say this, but “digital distribution” is a blatant misnomer for “download distribution”.

The word “digital” is relevant when we switched away from analog technology. For example, we switched from analog cassette tapes to digital optical discs and we switched from video cables that sent an analog signal (RCA/S-video) to video cables that carry a digital signal (HDMI). Broadcast TV is now making the switch from old technology analag signals to more sophisticated digital signals.

Now, pretty much all sold game/music/video content is distributed digitally. The current distinction is whether that digital content is distributed on physical media such as optical/magnetic/flash or over a download service through a network such as Internet/cable/satellite/cellular.

Sorry for the cranky post guys 🙂

  • haha! i never thought about that before but you are absolutely correct. although i suppose one could argue that shipping something to a retail store is distributed analogically (analogly?) because the distribution part is done by trucks etc rather than by signals on a wire… then again, that wire is itself an analog creation, i suppose… heh.