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Sony Isn’t WOPR |

woprAlong with Star Wars and Indiana Jones, WarGames was one of my favourite movies growing up. (I guess it helped that I was am a computer geek.) In the movie, WOPR is a massive computer that learns. From a simple game of tic-tac-toe it learns that global genocide, probably killing itself in the process, is not a good idea.

Sony is also a massive entity, but one that does not seem capable of learning.

LittleBigPlanet is Sony’s version of tic-tac-toe. It played the game of creating, marketing, and selling the game. Sony created the online infrastructure for the game. It let the game loose on the world. And we all know how that went. There was hardly any marketing for the game (at least in North America), the servers were lousy, and the game was patched a bunch of times to make it work. It’s selling well in numbers now, but one can hardly consider the launch of the game a raging success.

WOPR learned from tic-tac-toe, but Sony hasn’t learned from LittleBigPlanet.

Guerilla Games created Killzone 2 for Sony, and they’ve done a good job. From all accounts (I am picking up mine later today), it is an awesome game. But then they just had to go and give the game over to Sony. I’ve seen just one ad for the game. I haven’t seen any other advertising. That’s not how you promote something, Sony. Also, just try going to As of this writing, it’s down (again). If you do manage to get on, try to add a friend. It might work. But it probably won’t. (And why do we need to add friends anyway? Isn’t that what our PSN friends list is for? Edit: The game does indeed use the PSN friends list. So I don’t know what the friendlist is for.) Go online with Killzone 2. Join a friend’s game. There’s a good chance you won’t even be put on the same side.

Sony really needs this game. They need a launch that goes well, that gives Sony a good name. That tells people that Sony still has it, and that people need it. So far, that isn’t happening. Killzone 2 is Sony’s marquee shooter for the PS3. Let’s hope they shape up.

This game will succeed. But I have a feeling that it will be despite Sony, not because of Sony. See y’all online tonight!

  • I’ve seen more commercials for LBP than KillZone 2. But then I don’t watch much tv..other than news channels and Fox for The Sarah Connor Series where I saw one game comercial last week for the DLC of GTA IV. >.>

  • That separate friend list is not good at all. What is next, “oh I forgot to add you on my uncharted 2 friends list”, “add me to your LBP2 list”, “My resistance 3 friends list exceeds 50 people..”

    Btw, my game is shipped, see you in two weeks!

  • I don’t watch tv much either so I haven’t seen any commercials yet. The separate friends list is odd though.

  • I didn’t notice about the lack of Ads for Killzone 2 till you mentioned it. Maybe Sony will decide to pay for Ads later down the road if they see a good numbers on retail sales the first 2-4 weeks.

    I’ll be getting this game today right after work. I’ll see you all online!

  • Darrin

    It’s not like Guerilla is the one team inside of Sony that wrote the whole game themselves and then they hand it off to Sony corporate for marketing and sales.

    Sony has lots of internal teams that play a large role in developing first-party games such as Killzone 2. There are teams that steer the overall game design and teams that are experts at tuning game code and improving performance. And of course, Sony manages dev teams such as Guerilla.

    I don’t think Sony has bad advertising as much as they have a major image problem. In terms of a mass market product, Killzone is basically the same thing as a Halo or a Gears of War or a Call of Duty. The games themselves have a million finer point differences, but the sales that they generate has more to do with image and marketing.

  • My point exactly.

    Sony is doing a very poor job of marketing and image.

  • yodaddy

    wargames…. the name of your movie….. does that make me less of a person that I know that ?

  • Jerry

    I agree with Darrin. Sony clearly has a bad rep when it is all said and done. Advertising this game is pointless for now until it gets the sales number they are looking for. This game has been so hyped up that im sure they want the game to build a word of mouth buzz about how amazing it looks plays and so on. The people that by games at launch are the same people that knew about this game 4 years ago. Its about getting the reviews in listening and making sure servers are able to handle the millions of players, and then pumping out the Marketing. Sony did a great job with MGS 4 when that game was on the way. Very few commercials at launch and then after the game recieved great marks, you saw more ad’s come across. Sony has already proven that they are willing to sacrifice in order to save money. If they aren’t going to shell out any money for exclusive rights on games then they sure as hell aren’t going to blow millions on a late winter release advertising budget for a game that is far and away better then any game available now. (SF4) is the only other game I could think of that would thwart sales, and they are not even in the same genre. I thought this was a pro sony website not a get pissed when they make basic money saving plans. I have no idea about the server issue, but it sure beats paying money to play with my friends in other states.

  • Pellib

    Agree with every word you say. Sony had it very easy with PS2 and in a sense I guess they don’t understand that they have to put a lot of effort into gaining attention and good press.

  • Jerry

    For the record i was watching Nitro Circus yesterday on MTV which starts at 9 and ends at midnight and I saw 5 Killzone spots in that 3 hour span. So many that my girlfriend was getting sick of seeing the single Bullet fly through the sky. I also saw 5 SF4 commercials too.