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Mr. Sark’s 5 KZ2 Lovables

Leading up to tomorrow’s release of Killzone 2 for the PLAYSTATION 3, here are 5 things that Mr. Sark (who?) likes about KZ2. Be warned: #5 is cheap and doesn’t count.


So Who Has KZ2?


Hasn’t KZ2 been released in some territories today? Does my memory fail me that much? Are all the stats accumulating on just from people who got their copies early?

Now’s the time to shout it out, folks.

Who has Killzone 2?

Have you played online? How do you like it?

Does it have Home support? To what degree?

How do you like the squad chat? Does it work for you? Do you enter squads at all, or just do your own thing? Watching some of the matches online at, I don’t see a lot of co-operation.

Out with it!



PSN Friends List Feature Wish List

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. So I thought I finally share it. I created a quite mock up image to help get my idea across.

PSN Profile Idea

Right now the friends list is maxed at 100 I think, which is good. But if you do have that many friends. It’s hard to remember who everyone is, what games you play together, etc.

As you can see in the image above there is a notes section to help you remember that person. The notes will also show in the master friends list when you highlight that person.

Then a “Games Played Together” section which will automatically fill in games you have played with that person with the most recent at the front. When you highlight the game icon a small pop-up will show the name of the game. It will show all the games ever played together, so if the list gets longer that the profile box, you’ll need to press the right or left directional button to scroll threw them.

When in that section you press the R1 button to go the next tab, and this will show which games your friend are playing at the moment. This should update automatically as well, say all the games played in the last month. With the most recent game listed first. Same type of layout too.

The last tab I’m not sure, any ideas? Maybe they can list future games they are thinking about buying. Or maybe a link to your own personal forum that’s contained in the XMB that only your approved friends can post in.

How do you think the friends list could be improved?


Finally Saw a KZ2 Ad

Last night I saw my first KZ2 ad on TV. I was watching the Space channel, hardly a mainstream channel, when it came on. I was rather surprised, truth be known. Sony has promised a huge marketing push for the game, but they said the same thing for LittleBigPlanet. And we all know what happened there.

I hope to see more ads, and on more mainstream channels. I hope to see marketing of all sorts. Time will tell…



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