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Games Night #8 – 25feb09

UPDATE: We have a couple people asking for R2, but nobody’s standing up to organize it. The rest of us will play something else, but we need more people to get a good group. Sign up!

Games Night #8

So next week we’re going to have our last games night before KZ2 happens. I think Games Night will convert to Killzone 2 night thereafer. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’m throwing it out there for all of you: what would you like to play? If anyone wants to play R2 someone else will hav e to put the game together, because Tosh and I don’t have it.

So put in your requests for your last non-KZ2 games night in a while! Put your list of games that you like to play online here. And reply to this post with your availability.

Games Night #7 Redux

Last night Warpdrive, cpfuzz2, xBerserker, and I got together to play some CoD4. HEAD_SHOTT forgot, again. I had a good time. First we played some TDM, then we followed up with some HQ, Sabotage, and finally Domination. To tell the truth, we didn’t do so well in some of the matches, but it was fun to end the evening on a win in Domination. We took flags A and B right away and never gave them up.

SPECIAL NOTE: We can get two matches going, depending on what everyone wants to play. For example, Tosh could start an MGO match and I could start a MotorStorm:PR match. So please reply with the games you have.


Killzone 2 – Badge Abilities

Assault Badge:

Exclusive Badge Abilities: Assault HD

Engineer Badge:

Exclusive Badge Abilities: Engineer HD

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Street Fighter IV – Review

SFIV lei
The second coming? Yes.

I am not the biggest beat ’em up fan ever (I prefer to shoot my enemies) but Street Fighter IV has converted me. Never before have I wanted to learn all the characters’ moves rather than button mashing and I wanted to actually master the game.

In a nutshell SFIV is a 2D fighter with 3D graphics. After 15 years Capcom have returned to the original main cast from Street fighter II (with some of the hidden ones) and added a few new characters just for good measure. It’s a great mix of old and new and being a big fan of SFII on the Sega Mega Drive I definitely appreciate the trip down memory lane whilst still keeping things fresh.

The game features your typical arcade mode (with an anime intro and outro for each character), challenge modes (time attacks, survival etc..), and online play as well as a versus mode for 2p fun on one console. The game works flawlessly without any technical issues from frame rate to screen tear to controller responsiveness. Everything works perfectly and you have no excuses to use if you lose. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The game is as welcoming to newcomers as it is to old masters, which is a smart play by Capcom. At first I found the game difficult to beat on easy (note – not the easiest setting) but have since managed to complete it on normal as I have learned the moves. As usual it’s about learning the special moves and then combos but in this iteration they have included a revenge meter which fills up as you get beaten up. It serves as a lifeline which can completely change a match and it’s a welcome addition and one I had fun learning. Along with this are focus attacks which are charged up hard hits. These take a lot of learning about when to be used but once learned, prove useful.

The online matchups work perfectly lag free as long as the room has a good connection (you can check before you play with a handy signal icon). I have not experienced many problems after roughly 10 games online I can only remember one ending in disconnection. When fighting online you can earn medals such as stunning an opponent, winning with a perfect, or defeating an opponent with an ultra combo. These all get added to your profile and add a further incentive to continue playing online. My only problem with online play is that there’s no spectating so you can’t gather a few people together and watch everyone fight each other, which would have added a nice arcade aesthetic. I hope this will be patched in later.

So it plays amazingly, has various modes to play though, online to test yourself against new opponents, and plenty of trophies to collect. Oh and its all technically flawless running perfectly at 60fps.

Street Fighter IV is pretty much perfect. If you want a beat’ em up this is the title to compare all others too. Your move Tekken.


Killzone 2 – Battle replay

How the Killzone 2 website and the game interact together is awesome. For example the Battle Replay would be very useful if you needed to review a important tournament or clan match that you lost to see exactly what happened.

Battle Replays: You will be able to watch games as they unfolded, watch the troop movements and see who killed who and how. We’ll expand on this as time goes by. Right now you should be able to view a couple of Battle Replays created by internal testing of the site. Battle Replays are saved and displayed if at least 2 people played and completed a round and will for now remain on the site for two weeks.

Check it out in action here.

Here are some other things you can do from the website, I’m impressed.

Clans: You will be able to create and administer your clans from the page so you don’t have to be on your PS3 to see who wants to be in your clan or what the latest is on any upcoming games.

Tournaments: You will be able to set up clans from the site, just like in-game, but will be able to see the results and how they played out on the tournament wheel too.

Challenges: This offers the same functionality as the in-game, but of course lets you set up your battles remotely.

STATS!: We all love stats! And if the stats recorded in-game are not enough for you, we show even more here! Including match performance, a weapons cloud to show what weapons are used most and preferred faction.

Leaderboards: Same as in-game! See where you are from work!


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