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Mockers Game Night #1 Redux |

Hey guys! First of all, thanks to all of you who joined. I just came upstairs now from getting sniped by rico in our first Mockers game night. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Bunnyhero: you didn’t do as bad as you were suggesting!

Hopefully next time we’ll have even more clan members playing. I am now out of invites, I can’t send anymore. And about 31 of you have accepted, which is just great. To the rest of you: accept the clan invite or it might go away!

So I set up an open game, and we had a bunch of Mockers playing there, which was great. But eventually it was overrun by non-Mockers, so I set up a new Mockers-only game. I used my headset to communicate the fact, but I guess not everyone heard me, which is unfortunate.

The second set of games that were Mockers-only were a bit lobsided. With only six people playing, team makeup makes a big difference. But I still had fun, especially surviving Assassination with rico on the other team! ๐Ÿ™‚ Right at the end there the teams were better balanced, but it was getting late for me.

The very last game was disconnected from the network right as it finished. GARGH! That was annoying. I had some hard won kills in there that I wanted the stats for. Ah well.

What did all you guys think? Any suggestions for improvement? Obviously I should make the game Mockers-only right from the get-go to avoid splitting the group. Sorry about that. Anything else?

Wanna make this a weekly thing? Biweekly? (I mean Mockers-only games. We can of course get together impromptu throughout the week.)

  • Thepreppymonk

    I thought you left the game bc their was too many good players in there.
    And, somehow you managed to get me shot in the head.

    My suggestion is that we start with a mockers only game then switch to an open game afterwards.

  • mjm_007

    sorry i missed it mockers.. i’ll be there next time for sure!

    quick question tho… is mostly everybody here from the east coast?

    I ask because I’m from CA and am curious how many of you regularly play late. I get off work at 6, so I’m most likely to get around to my ps3 anytime between 8pm-2am pst on a random day.

    I can catch the scheduled times, assuming there will be a weekly game at 6, i’ll just be a little late. I was more so asking about the random days.



  • doshin730

    The worst is when you get disconnected when you are about to get a difficult ribbon like the turret one.

    I didn’t know you guys all left. All of a sudden I finished a match and there were only two of us left!

    I sent you a PSN mail regarding this, but personally I don’t think you should do clan only games. For instance I have a few very casual gamer friends (easy targets) who would have to wait to get accepted to the clan before playing. Instead, I’d suggest a passworded game so Mockers and like minded friends can play instantly. Obviously there is an issue of an insecure public password, but I think initially posting the password on the clan motd could give people like myself the initiative to start games when you aren’t on. For instance, I’d create a room with a few friends and hopefully other Mockers can join them. You said it, matches with six people are pretty boring.

    Depending on the success of the clan, you could create a mailing list which reduces the PS3 related administration which always sucks. Of course there is always the issue of a troublemaker sending his pro gamer friends the password, but I think the risk is manageable because you can vote people out of a game and there are other techniques to reduce the exposure I can share with you.

    Anyway, just a thought.

  • doc

    I wish I could of been there, problem is I’m in Arizona and I don’t get on till around 1am our time. I work from 5 to 1 on most days. I get one day off and usually don’t get on till like 10pm or in the afternoon. Oh well, will have to find everybody at some point and time. Hope all had fun.


    I had a great time. The game is more enjoyable when you are playing in good company and players that are more at your level. I am up for having a scheduled time each week and then impromptu the rest of the time. I would just try to avoid playing large maps if we have small numbers. It gets frustrating spend most of the time running to the other side to find someone to shoot in the face.

  • No headset yet for me. Spent all of my ‘game fund’ this month on KZ2. ><

  • Thepreppymonk: I shot you in the head, or I GOT you shot in the head? I don’t know how I could have done the latter…

    mjm_007: I’m on the east coast, yes. But I figure if I start the games at 9pm, people will play past 11pm, giving people on the west coast a chance to join.

    doshin730: it never occurred to me to create a password-protected game. I’ll do that next time, and announce the password in the News of the Day part of the clan page. So we can have Mockers-and-friends games. Actually, I’ll announce the password next time I’m on my PS3, so that anyone can create a game the rest of us can join.

    doc: Too bad. Maybe on the weekend you’ll be able to find some Mockers.

    FMONEY: the first game I created that was open to all did not include the two largest maps (I think). I think I’ll do that again for the Mockers-and-friends games.

    Fleakitten: I see you still haven’t posted any stats playing online. (Along with Darrin!) Not having a headset isn’t a huge problem. It’s better to be there playing and not talk than not play at all.

  • I noticed that there was still a lot of people playing without squads. Don’t hesitate to create squads – I don’t want to be the only one all the time. Sometimes I like to have a mobile spawn point too!

    That’s right – you can spawn on your squad leader. When you die and it shows the map for where you’re going to spawn, you can choose your spawn point using the DPAD. If you’re in a squad, you can spawn on the squad leader. In Search and Hold, you can spawn on an owned hold point. I think there are other options in other game types as well. Make use of them.

  • doshin730

    Awesome, thanks. I’ll try to host a passworded game tonight around 9PM EST. Are they hosted from the host’s network or off Guerrilla servers? Only reason I think it is the latter is because the game didn’t end when you left last night.

  • Trieloth

    It was fun to a certain degree…I must have died a thousand times, and I couldnt kill anything. It felt like pure luck when I did. I suppose it happens that way when you start off with nothing and I dont play it that much.

  • doshin730: Sony hosts the games, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to have 32 players hosted off my PS3. How long did the game continue after I left? Did others join?

    Trieloth: We got each other a few times. I find it hard to be happy when I keep dying a lot, but it’s something that I’m working on. I try to be satisfied that I got a particularly good kill, or got to an objective before anyone else, etc.

  • doshin730

    Henning, I figured as much. I was just puzzled when I saw rooms called NO LAG. The game went on for hours and it was full the whole time. It actually wasn’t too terrible. It wasn’t like instadeath like some of the other rooms I’ve been on.

    Trieloth, if you are having problems, try not to be right in the middle of the action where it’s all twitch. You can be just outside cover while picking off people.

  • jerryhat

    I enjoyed last night, though I only managed an hour. I would also suggest that you password protect the server and publish the password on the blog entry. This allows both clan members and friends to join.

  • thepreppymonk

    lol i was tired and you can’t blame me for grammar mistakes.
    Yeah, everytime you killed me, it would be a shot to the head or for short HEADSHOT.


    Looks like stats and clans are up on finally. I am not sure if everyone had the same problem. I couldn’t see any stats at all. You can view the clan page and see all the members. 41 people already. Pretty cool.

  • Yeah, the stats were up and a grabbed a quick screen shot because they went down again. Crazy website.

    Yes, I’m impressed that we have 41 people. And about 21 people still haven’t accepted the invite.

  • Sinlock

    Trieloth: “It was fun to a certain degreeโ€ฆI must have died a thousand times, and I couldnt kill anything, It felt like pure luck when I did.”

    I must agree with you. I’m not fond of KZ2 MP movement controls, with slider pushed to about 3/4 turning is right where I like it but fine aiming go’s to hell. It bugs me that I need to change the setting between SP/MP games as they handle diffrently. I also find the cameras field of vision to be a little too tight.

    I’m going to play some more MP before I can really decide what I think. But I’ll still come to the Mockers games.

  • heh, thanks Henning for the shout-out. i felt pretty useless most of the time, and like a real boat anchor on those small teams. sorry folks. although the few kills i did get were admittedly satisfying ๐Ÿ˜€ someday maybe i will learn to aim better!