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N’Gai Croal Leaves Gaming Journalism |

ngai1N’Gai Croal has accepted a buyout offer from Newsweek. To clarify:

146 staffers were offered the chance to leave the magazine, with as much as two years of their current salary as a departing bonus, depending on their age and length of service. The package also includes pension sweetners and the chance to continue health insurance coverage until the age of 65.

For his new gig (from here and here):

“After Friday March 6th, my passions will take me beyond the world of journalism. I’ll be wearing many hats on this new journey: videogame design consultant, media strategist, consumer technology reporter, columnist, blogger and, as always, provocateur”

“I want to do something more creative than when you are on the journalism side of things,”

“I think it’s going to be a combination of things, I’m still in the process of figuring that out. There is some interest in me consulting on games, that’s something I’m interested in as well.

“I wont be doing pre-release coverage of games the way I was for Level Up and Newsweek because that can be a conflict of interest,”

Sounds like he jumped on a great buyout offer and has an in-progress plan for the next phase in his career.

I’ve loved N’Gai’s work. If anyone is going to get such a golden parachute, I’m glad it’s him. But, I will be the first to say that I’m envious. In the IT world, when most companies want to cut staff, they don’t ask for volunteers to gracefully walk down the red carpet and accept lavish riches and princely severance arrangements, they just abruptly fire people with two weeks severance and a hasty escort out the door. My cube-mate was hastily fired last month and it was frightening to watch. OK, enough griping and back to work 🙂

  • This is one of the prize turnips who jumped on the “Resident Evil 5 is racist” bandwagon. I for one won’t miss him.

  • Darrin

    You’re exagerating N’Gai’s statement. I agree with N’Gai on the RE5 trailer but that’s a whole other topic that’s probably best to avoid.

  • n’gai’s guest appearances on the 1up yours podcast were always highlights. he’s incredibly smart and eloquent. the games journalism world will be lesser in his absence.

  • I always liked what he had to say too. Didn’t watch the podcast, but I saw the show on occasionally when he was a guest.

  • mpz

    He had some funny ideas – he had the odd decent article, but seemed to get wrapped up in his own importance a bit too much.

    Can’t say i’ll notice his absence.