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The Mockers: Clan Game #1 Tonight |

The time has come for The Mockers to show each other what we’re (in)capable of! Tonight, for the first time ever (discounting the test run last night), The Mockers are getting together for a fragfest.

Starting at 9PM EST tonight, I invite all clan members to get online and join together for some shooting! I’ll be creating a game just for The Mockers to play one another, and I hope there’s enough of us there tonight to make it worthwhile. If you’re not in the clan yet, check your Communication area, Clan messages. You probably have a clan invite waiting for you there. If you don’t, and more than 24 hours has passed since you asked for an invite, please contact me.

Last night I did a test run with a friend of mine. I created a game, and he joined me. It worked pretty well, but it’s boring playing with two people. 🙂 But at least I know how it works!

To join us tonight, you have to check your “My Clan” area in Killzone 2, and see what the members are doing. You’ll see that we’re in a game, so just join us from there.

We are still trying to get this clan organized, so please bear with me. You know there’s going to be some people that asked for a clan invite that are actually very good players. We’ll have to weed those out as time wears on! Heh heh.

Please make sure you’re wearing your headsets. It’s hard to get to know one another if you can’t be heard. This clan will be a lot more fun if we get to be clan friends. Also, join or create a squad.

Once I tried to invite a friend into a squad when he was still a Private. I couldn’t do it, so I wonder if maybe you have to be a Corporal to join a squad, not just create a squad? I don’t know. But if you’re still a private, try to level up to Corporal ASAP. That’s best done in Bodycount-only games, IMHO. Anybody know if you can join a clan if you’re not a Sergeant yet? I’d think so.

Anyway, please RSVP. I’d like to know if you can make it. Please voice any other concerns or ideas as well.

PS Does everyone want to get together in the middle of the map for a quick chat before we start shooting one another? Hm… dunno. Sounds dangerous. One grenade and somebody’ll rank up pretty quick. 🙂


    I should be on at 9. Can’t wait. This will be fun for sure.

  • I’ll be there if you want. I’m not part of the Clan though.

  • Trieloth

    I should be able to show up. I havent had to much time to play lately, so iam gonna suck for a while. I will check for clan invites.

  • I just accepted the clan invite. I don’t have a headset yet but I’ll see if I can get one this week.

  • count me in! i have a usb headset that i have not yet tested. hope it works ok.

    i’m already a clan member and as far as i know i have no rank… i assume that makes me a private.

  • Rich

    Can’t make it tonight have to go to the accountant and get my taxes taken care of. Damn government! 🙂

  • Sinlock

    Great news about the 9pm start. I figured I’d only get about 10-20 mins of playing time with a 10pm start, being I leave the house for work at 4am and do need a little sleep.

  • Bucket

    should be on tonight, maybe a little late. I still need to beat story mode.

  • Thepreppymonk

    I can make it and I do own a Official Sony Headsat(Sooo cool to say that lmao)
    It’ll be 8 PM down here in Texas.

  • i haven’t beat the single-player campaign either.

  • I haven’t started it!!


    Man I can’t believe I won’t be a part of the first get-together. :(Oh well as soon as I get my PS3 fixed I’ll be playing non-stop to catch up. Good luck guys hope everything goes smooth!

  • Thepreppymonk

    Well i say that was perfect.
    But Blackstaffer left after the second (3rd?) game.

  • I guess you didn’t hear me. The game was getting overrun by non-Mockers, so I said that I would go create a Mockers-only game.

  • James

    i got on about an hour and a half after it started. had fun.

  • James

    you just missed me on assassination lol