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9 KZ2 Improvements to Make |

I love KZ2. It’s a great, nay, awesome game. I want to play it more and more every day. I think I’ll take a picture of my clan stats page and frame it and put it above my bed.

Far be it for me to actually complain about something, lest fanboys rush me and suffocate me with their bad grammar skills, but I will anyway. There are some little tweaks that would really improve the KZ2 experience. Here’s my list.

  1. You should get points for achieving objectives. Edit: I’ve been told that this is already the case. Maybe I just don’t achieve enough objectives to notice! 😛
  2. If there’s a message waiting for me, I’d like to know. You have to explicitly check your messages to see if there are any waiting for you, and most people, including me, just forget to do this. I have a feeling that this is why I’m still waiting for 33 people to accept their clan invites.
  3. I’d like to specify that I want to stay on the same faction as a friend. I don’t know if this should be done as a party system, which might be overkill, or what. I’d suggest that when you join a game by finding him in your friends list, that you get prompted about whether or not you should be put on the same side. Pretty simple and easy solution.
  4. When in the spawn screen, you hit X to enter the game. But not if you’re selecting your character class or setting up squads. I’d like to be able to reenter the game from any screen.
  5. I would like the game to remember squads from one map to the next.
  6. Dropping just one health pack, and the long regeneration time, make health packs pretty worthless. I wish the regen time was faster, or that you can drop two health packs before regen begins.
  7. Switching tabs should be faster. Map screen, character class, faction, and squads. It takes way too long to switch between them when you want to get back into the game and need to do a tweak.
  8. If you’re dead (unrevivable), you should be able to go to the spawn screen to wait out your 8 seconds, so that you can make adjustments.
  9. Leave the turrets and air support alone! Some people have complained that they’re underpowered, but I think that’s a good thing. Your score should reflect your ability to kill players and achieve objectives, not the fact that you know how to hold down the DPAD to create a turret. (Ok, this isn’t a change, but I had to get this out of my system.)

I would have added “ban snipers” to my list, because I don’t like snipers in any game, but then I’d really be in hot water.

  • Dani

    One point is missing. An option that disables the medic to get you back in the game. It totally sucks, all this medics who only want points and respawn you at every place you are and even if there are enemys shooting on him and you get killed a second time in only a moment. Sry for my bad english. Hope you understand ^^.

  • Good suggestions, here are my suggestions:

    ** Spoiler, highlight to view**
    * Add the electricity grenades from single player to the multiplayer 😀
    ** Spoiler, highlight to view**
    * Add the bolt gun to MP but to balance it maybe limit the rounds.
    * Be able to move your smoke grenade spawn point, sometimes people place them in odd spots.
    * When medics revive you seem to be facing the wrong way, just reverse it.

    I still love the game, I find a way to play it daily right now. It’s like game crack.

  • teflon6678

    1. you do! it just depends on the type of objective. So in S&D you need to hold your bomb till the end, then I think you get 4 points then you get the points. Assassinating someone nets you 4 points, R&D gets you 2 points for a delivery…
    2. I agree, messages should be made clear soon as you log into the net.
    3. yeah, but this could cause problems for balancing. Once youre on a team, you dont get switched till the end of the round, which already leads to some really badly balanced matches. I think the solution would be to have parties of up to 4 players able to stick together, and have a spot to say if matches auto-balance or not.
    4. + 5 likewise.
    6. i agree, but maybe have 3 health packs you can drop, but if you drop all 3 you cant drop any till youve got all 3 recharged. i dunno, its a tricky one to get right I guess, but ATM its targetted at people who are going after badges and making it more difficult for them.
    7.I havent noticed this, but faster is always better with an interface.
    8.yup. You should also be able to hit triangle or circle and kill yourself when wounded so that you dont get revived when you dont want to. It would still take the same amount of time to respawn though.
    9 I wholeheartedly agree. Turrets cant be too tough or they overpower the game. As it is, a well placed turret will still manage to kill droves of enemies. More powerful or weaker and they completely lose their value.

    as for the snipers, I find sniping to be pretty tricky, because you need to hold the pad dead level. In fact, its probably easier to get a headshot with just the normal weapons. I think that around 1/3rd of all my kills end up being headshots. But thats something I like.

    If I were to add a #10, then it would be to reduce the effects of spawn camping. On a couple maps (radec academy in particular) its way too easy for one team to get bottled up in their base with no way out because they dont have a tactician. So, the turrets in a base (ie pre-placed) should be invincible and twice as powerful. Even then, running into the enemies spawn camp should kill you within 5 seconds.
    At #11, the tactician’s spawn markers can really over power things, so have their duration reduced to, maybe, 1 minute, and have them destroyable like a turret (one or two shotgun shots or a grenade).

  • Nice list!

    Things that I really 100% agree on is #4 and #7 also like Dani mentioned

    Ability to accept/reject a Revive by teammate – if my group is getting pounded with grenades or I don’t have anymore ammo … I really don’t wanna respawn.

    Some of my gripes

    Ability to reconfigure controls – I wanna rekey some of the controls but the only thing available are templates.

    Framerate issues, Controls sometimes feels sluggish – does anyone else experience this?

    While waiting for respawn, like COD, show me the view of my killer about 3 sec before I get killed.

    Personal issue – I still can’t find the right sensitivity for the Right stick. When aiming I tend to move my right stick too much or not enough resulting in me getting killed a lot quicker instead of the other guy. This is specially true when I’m rolling with a sub machine gun or shotgun.

  • jerryhat

    Good suggestions. I’m also with you on the snipers, I hate them (in all games). It also seems harder in KZ2 (compared to R2) to outflank them and blow them apart. But that might be ‘cos I’m not as familiar with KZ2.

  • mjm_007

    good suggestions, hope they get patched in.. eventually.. any word on DLC in the works?

  • Only that they’re working on it.

  • jwspiker

    finally got my copy from amazon yesterday and accepted the Clan invite, will prolly be playing through the single player when i get on the ps3, and the 70’s degree temps coming this weekend, will lead me outside rather than inside.

  • thepreppymonk

    I agree with most of this, but for turrets and air support?
    It takes a good 3 shots from a shotgun to get rid of air support.
    2 shots for turrets.
    About the med packs, I usually throw them on the ground before the team comes.
    Also when you heal enough people with your med packs, you spawn with more packs.

  • Ah, I didn’t know that. Good to know. I’ll continue leveling up that ability…

  • Still. Waiting. Can’t. Wait.

  • HyWarp161

    I agree with the majority of what you are saying, I really haven’t had too many issues with the game. But i am hoping for a tweak on the controller dead zone.

  • ‘ I would have added “ban snipers” to my list, because I don’t like snipers in any game, but then I’d really be in hot water. ‘

    Nice! 😉

    But then you wouldn’t be able to kill them when their back is turned, only focusing on their scope and not paying attention to what’s going on behind them. Always satisfying.

  • HyWarp161

    Has anyone tried the Battle replay feature on the KZ site? it’s kinda cool but it’s not always clear where your guy is during the replay.

  • I learned the hard way from last nights game that even if the match ended and you get your ribbons and xp IF you leave w/o loading the next match you won’t get credit. I had assasination, spawn, and headshot ribbon but when I looked at my stats it didn’t update it. Hopefully this warning will save someone a headache.

  • ehandlr

    I agree with everything except for #9…well part of #9…air support is underpowered from what I’ve seen. Turrets however….I get massive kills with.

  • Trieloth

    The autofire is lame, let me switch it to single shot. That might help with the madness.

  • jwspiker

    really think they should give an option to control acceleration of movement. I suck at this game. Had to change the difficulty to recruit to make it past the train/tank section (level 7). I must just really suck at FPS.

  • Steven

    4. This wouldnt work at all. You wouldnt be able to choose what spawn point you want.
    5. The factions get mixed up for balancing purposes, so this wouldnt work either.
    6. Health packs regenerate faster than any other skill, and i got my 8 healing specialist ribbons in 8 bodycount-only games.
    7. You died, why should things be easy for you?
    8. No. You are dead. KZ2 is not here to baby you. Next time dont die.
    9. Air supports is really underpowered, but turrets are fine.

  • Steven:

    4. How about the spawn point that’s selected?
    5. It could still remember those that are in the same faction.
    6. It’s easy to use the ability, but just one health pack in a heated battle won’t help much.
    7. That’s just a silly.
    8. Another silly remark by Steven.
    9. Air supports are underpowered, but I like them that way.

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