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The Mockers List |

I can’t believe that The Mockers is up to 42 members already! It blows my mind! (42 is a very significant number, BTW.) Last night a few of us played some KZ2 together, and while the game was smaller, it also meant that I got a lot more ribbons! Please try to join with other Mockers if you have the chance. Last night it looks like we were spread across four or five games. Don’t forget your headsets and to create squads.

Here’s our member list as of 06mar09, 10:30AM. There are a few people here who still haven’t played an online game! Please join us.

Name Role Points
rico_dorito Member 3609
mrMacky Member 3518
doshin730 Member 2959
HyWarp161 Member 1814
spybreak4u Member 1688
thepreppymonk Member 1679
Nauren Member 1368
Blackstaffer Leader 1210
irishlad1 Member 1167
Gr1dironH3ro Member 1159
Eldhusrulla Member 1152
shopton150 Member 1152
DocHolliday00 Member 1013
DeathAwaitsU223 Member 897
AmbiQuad Member 890
BikeSeatSniffa Member 841
FMONEY Member 834
inch_high_pi Member 684
Tannoo Member 646
rambo10 Member 507
SicSemperTyranis Member 415
MCLiPpeRM Member 358
PapaKin83 Member 344
someday Member 309
cAmbuLLo Member 306
mjm_007 Member 239
Frenchkiller1MI Member 202
jerryhat Member 175
JimmyMagnum Member 117
Eupham Member 112
Trieloth Member 105
Boyo Member 92
Ostrowalker Member 84
epinky2295 Member 51
bunnyhero Member 31
Black3irteen Member 0
CancerousOranges Member 0
Fleakitten Member 0
NashTheSlash Member 0
Sinlock Member 0
jwspiker Member 0
  • FrenchK

    I was wondering what the number beside the name was…

    It’s accumulated points, see

  • I’ll edit the post and make that more clear.

  • Darrin

    I’ve just been trying single-player so far. Will definitely join in on the multiplayer soon.

  • chris (cpfuzz2)

    if youre still looking for members, send me an invite. i should be done with the campaign by this weekend.


  • “Last night it looks like we were spread across four or five games.”

    Is it possible to access the clan page and send game invites while in a game?

  • You can see what clan members are playing which game from the clan page. A for game invites, it would be painful to go to the XMB and send each individual a separate game invite. You can’t do it from within the game. (Can you even send msgs to people that aren’t friends?)

  • If they combine the Clan page and mix it with some features from xboxlive party this would have been perfect. Making it so that you can access the clan page, send mass game invites while in a game lobby to clan members or even leave the game lobby as a squad to join another game lobby with other clan folks would really be a nice patch ^_^.

    regarding sending msgs
    I have been getting some random msgs from people I don’t know so I guess it’s possible. I’m not really familiar with XMB and how to fully utilize it’s features.

  • James

    any of you guys check out the battle replay on I just noticed that yesterday lol. Pretty cool

  • M

    Can I get an invite:



  • i haven’t even turned on my ps3 (or even my tv!) since wednesday’s game. i just haven’t had the time, alas.


    Well I sent my PS3 today, is there a limit of how many members there can be? I would hate to not be able to join because of my technical difficulties. AHHH I want my PS3 back! ๐Ÿ™

  • Hope Sony fixes your PS3 asap, Eric.

    Hey, I played online and i really don’t need a headset for this like I though I would. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When playing with strangers, I don’t use the headset either.

    But when playing with fellow clan members I like to have the headset.

  • mrfodder

    Has anyone started an EU version of Mockers?