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Mockers (+friends) Night #2 |

Last night I wanted to play with some of my fellow Mockers, but all the games you guys were in were full. 🙁 I tried several times, but alas, it was not meant to be.

So in order to be able to play with my Mocker buddies, I thought that we could have several game nights this week! Here is my proposed schedule:

Tue10mar09 @ 10pm EST
Wed11mar09 @ 9pm EST
Thu12mar09 @ 10pm EST

If you can’t make one evening, please try for another. The Mockers are now 46 members strong – if I password-protect a game (or whoever gets there first), will we be enough? Don’t forget to join squads, use headsets, and get to know one another.

So, are you in? Which night? All three? I’ll try to make I’ll three, but I can only 100% guarantee Wednesday night.

  • kris

    add me my PSN is britboy13

  • teflon6678

    if a game of a friend is full, then you can hit square to bring up a menu and select to spectate. When the game ends, odds on about a third of the players will leave, allowing you to join for the next game.

    so yeah, it might not be that immediate (specially if theyve just started an epic warzone match which lasts 30 minutes), but at least you can join your friend. If its going to take too long, you can always stop spectating and find a Bodycount server for a quick 10 minute game and then try again.

  • Hentaku

    I’ll try to make all three! Don’t have my headset yet but will be there for at least one of them.

  • M

    I’ll try to join as well.

    Can I get a clan invite:

    PSN: MIKEblu


  • I’m all out, M. But I’ll put you on the waiting list.

  • Wednesday’s good for me.

  • mjm_007

    I’ll be able to make all three.. see u then mockers!

  • Thepreppymonk

    I can make everyone of them except for thursdays.

  • Trieloth

    I will be able to join on Wed. But I havent even touched Kz2 since last week so Iam gonna be a great stat padder for someone. Iam kinda burnt out on FPS’s… I want a RPG/MMORPG really bad.

  • doshin730

    Please do one for the weekend starting Friday. I can’t play all week for the next chunk of time.

  • doshin730

    That should read can’t play on weekdays.

  • Børten


    Try Valkyria Chronicles or Flower 😉

  • James

    ill only be able to do thursdays due to work. I have the 530 to 2 AM shifts AZ time (since DST just passed, we’re in Pacific time. After DST, we’re mountain because we’re too lazy to change our clocks for a stupid reason), so that’ll be 7PM local time for me on Thurs.

  • I’ll make it one of those nights

  • epinky2295

    Hey I can play on Wednesday.


    I have some awesome news, Sony sent my PS3 today and it’ll be here Thursday. So I should be able to play on Thursday I just hope my invite to the clan is still there.

  • britboy13: you already have a clan invite, AFAIK. Did you check your messages area in the game for a clan invite?

    Thepreppymonk, mjm_007: didn’t see you last night.

    Trieloth: I saw you were online last night. I was hoping you would join us, but I guess you’re still burned out, eh? Hopefully tonight.

    doshin730: I don’t have as much time on the weekends, but others can feel free to start clan games.

    epinky2295: is that your PSN id? I’ll put you on the clan waiting list. In the meantime you can join our games with the password “mock789”

    HEAD_SHOTT: great news! Don’t worry, your clan invite is still there. Did you get to play a little KZ2 before your PS3 died? It looks like you leveled up a bit.

    Tosh: had I set last night’s game to invite only? I didn’t mean to. I thought I only password-protected it. Sorry if I did.

  • Last night I think there were about 8 of us at the highest point. I had a lot of fun. Playing with a smaller number of people is actually more enjoyable for me. We could have had more, but I’m glad it wasn’t a full 32 player game. Those are just nuts.

    I actually got my first turret ribbon last night! Plus I got a couple others for spawn point placing and Search & Retrieve.

    I noticed that some of you are awfully quiet! Don’t forget to put on your headsets.


    Ya Henning I was able to play for like oh idk 40 minutes or so. But I can’t wait for tomorrow! Also there’s a really good deal at Gamestop for Resident Evil 5, if you trade in two games off a list they have you can get it for 19.99. Thought you guys might want to know that.